cable drain pop upWhile residential Toronto property owners can face a wide range of issues, leaky faucets oftentimes top the list. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to do when the faucet on their property starts to leak.

To ensure that you can address and resolve the problem quickly, utilize the following helpful tips and tricks:

Identify Your Faucet

The first step in fixing the leak is determining which type of faucet you have. Some common faucet types include: cartridge, ball, and disk. The cartridge, disc, and ball varieties are termed “washerless.” Some popular kitchen model types include: American Standard, Kohler, Price Pfister, Kraus, Delta Faucet, and Moen.

Turn Your Water Off

Your next step in fixing the leaky faucet is turning your water off. Generally, your shut-off valve is located right beneath your sink. However, it may also be inside the floor cabinet of your Toronto home. Once you shut the faucet off, no liquid should come forth.

Fix The Faucet

How you fix the faucet will be contingent upon the faucet type. If you have a leaky ball-type faucet, your best bet is to invest in a replacement kit. If you have a leaky disc faucet, you should first locate the set-screw.

Next, loosen this set-screw enough to remove its handle. Beneath the removed arm you will find an escutcheon cap. Remove this cap and set it aside. Then, remove your mounting screws and pull the cylinder out. If your neoprene seals are worn, clean or replace them and then reassemble everything. If you’re still experiencing a leak, you may need to replace the cylinder.

If you have a leaky cartridge faucet, take the decorative cap off the handle. Then, take the handle screw out and put the handle back. Next, pull the handle off. If the machine has a retaining clip that holds the cartridge tight, use pliers to remove it.

Next, pull the cartridge out and expose your spout. Chop the O-rings off and then cover your new rings with plumber’s grease. Then reassemble everything.

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