It is human nature to feel slightly smug and superior when reading about other people’s disasters.  We’re not talking about sinking ships and the Bermuda triangle, but we are very interested in when home improvement attempts go awfully wrong! If you are not a very handy man when it comes to fixing little problems in your house, you should definitely avoid anything plumbing related. Here are a few examples of poor souls who clearly bit off more than they could chew in the watery disaster area of do it yourself plumbing!

Pipe Replacement

If the job is beyond our humble home improvement skills, then we should confess and call in the professionals. But some of us are braver and refuse to ever back down. One such chap was tasked with the job of fitting a new trap pipe under the bathroom sink. Instead of sourcing the part at his home improvement store, removing and replacing the faulty item, he decided to get artistic instead. The faulty trap pipe was replaced with the following items:
•    An empty milk carton
•    A brass door knob
•    An electrical wire, complete with plug
•    Some plastic bags to secure the exact fit required for such a contraption.

His wife failed to see the funny side, especially when her bedroom door knob went missing.

Hot Water Issue

If your hot water tap does not produce hot water, what would you do to investigate the situation? Usually a quick look at the hot water tank should give you some clues. It may be the thermostat or perhaps the boiler is not set correctly. Apparently this line of enquiry was far too much effort for our next celebrity cowboy plumber. Instead, he decided to install a plastic kettle in place of the hot water tap. This was connected to an electrical socket and a small spout was drilled into the kettle to allow boiling hot water to scald the unlucky sink user. Some people are lucky that they have made it as far as adulthood in their lives.

Sewage Pipes

Trap pipes are used to ensure that unwanted smells and substances are unable to enter the house via the pipe system. Sadly many non-plumbers neglect these details when they attempt to repair a simple plumbing problem. If the trap pipe is ignored when affecting the plumbing repair, you will soon start to enjoy the raw sewage smells that sends rats into rapture! The trap pipe will retaining a small seal of water inside the device, this will block any noxious fumes from entering your house.

Satellite Cables and Waste Pipes

There is no doubt that it can be an effort when trying to connect satellite wires from the control box to the aerials on your roof. A lot of drilling and planning is required if you wish to route them safely to their sources. Apparently this was not the best way to approach the technical job according to our next expert. His roof already had an access route from the ground floor to the roof are, but guess what this actually was? He used the waste disposal pipe to fit his satellite wire system into, and then from the outlet he fixed them to the dishes.  At some point his signal will surely resemble garbage!

If the plumbing problem is very bad and there’s no way you can fix it yourself, hire a good plumber in Toronto or elsewhere, for a quick solution to the problem. Click on this link to find out more!

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