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toronto-plumber-faqPlumbing FAQs by Mister Plumber
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Do you have questions about plumbing? A Mister Plumber provides answers to some of the most commonly-asked plumbing-related questions.

Why did my main drain become clogged?

Main building drains or sewers can become blocked because of the following reasons:

  • a) tree roots have grown into and inside the pipe
  • b) a shift of the pipe’s joint
  • c) no slope on a drain pipe.

Mister Plumber can find out what the real source of pipe blockage is by using his camera scope


Does drain snaking resolve problems with blocked sewer pipes permanently?

Snaking is a temporary solution. If your underground building drain is installed properly and minimum slope on a pipe is maintained (1/8” per foot), no blockage should happen.

Mister Plumber strongly recommends that you check your drain with a special camera scope in order to determine the best permanent solution.


Can I live with underground lead water pipes?

Lead pipes are very old and weak, with the potential to burst and cause basement flooding. Also, there can be potentially serious health problems if you drink such water.

Mister Plumber strongly recommends that homeowners replace their lead and galvanized pipes in favour of the for Toronto water meter program.


What I can do to prevent my basement from flooding?

Flooding mostly occurs due to sewage backup, especially when heavy rain coincides with the overfilling of the city sewer system.

Mister Plumber strongly advises you to check your underground drain regularly with a camera scope. Also, it is a very good idea to install a backwater valve, a sump pump and a battery backup pump in the event of a power failure. A properly waterproofed basement is another great idea to ensure a dry basement.


For underground installation, is copper pipe better than plastic?

Both pipes are approved by plumbing codes.

For main water service in Toronto Mister Plumber uses copper that serves as a ground for electrical panel.


Can I install a water jet pump in my basement?

It is possible to install a water jet pump in your basement if the main waterline that comes to the basement is at least 3/4” in diameter.

A water jet pump is used to remove water from the sump pit and doesn’t need electricity, for it uses the natural pressure of the water supply line.


How can I replace my sewer line with minimum disturbance to my landscape?

Mister Plumber uses modern hi-tech equipment to replace straight sewer lines without digging a trench. Some restrictions apply. Please call us to check whether your drain can be replaced using this technology.


What I can do to increase the water pressure in my house?

First, you have to upgrade your water service line to a minimum of 3/4”. Second, you must remove any old fashioned valves that might cut pressure. Third, consider upgrading your water pipe from the main shut-off to the hot water tank water tank with a 3/4” pipe.


What is a building trap?

Building traps or U-bend on drain pipe were once used to prevent sewer gases from coming  into the house. Previously, not every plumbing fixture had its own trap and therefore, you had to install a 4” building trap to protect the whole house.
According to the current plumbing codes, this type of double trapping is prohibited, so Mister Plumber removes such U-bends and installs straight drain pipes with clean-outs.


What does it mean when my basement toilet or shower “bubbles”?

It means that the main drain or sewer is blocked. In older houses, there might not be this sign of backup because sewage is gradually overflowing into the weeping tiles.


How do you fix a leaky faucet?

First, it is important to find out the brand and model number. Second, find a store that supplies parts for these particular brands and models. Also, check on Internet whether the manufacturer of the faucet provides a lifetime warranty on cartridges.


What brand of toilet or faucet should I buy?

Mister Plumber recommends that you use brands with stock replacement parts. No lifetime warranty can prevent you from having to change your cartridges because water contains chlorine, calcium, magnesium and other minerals that cause natural corrosion and buildup.


What size of underground water pipe should I use?

For most houses, 3/4” pipe is enough ;  for houses where five and more washrooms we recommend a 1 inch pipe.


The City of Toronto gives rebates for the installation of backwater valves. Is there similar program exists in Mississauga?

Unfortunately, no. But, the City Of Mississauga did cancel plumbing permit fees.


What is the right model of backwater valve?

“Mainline” has three models of backwater valves. All comply with Ontario plumbing codes: they are full port valves and have normally open gates for free air circulation in the pipe. Old models with normally closed flappers are illegal now.


Who is responsible for the underground drain pipe outside of my house?

All drain and water pipes outside of the house up to the property line is completely the homeowner’s responsibility.


“Neptune” has been hired by the City of Toronto to install new water meters, but my pipe is old and rusty. How do I replace it and what does this involves?

Your rusty pipe means that it is made of galvanized steel. Because of age, corrosion has most definitely eaten more than 50% of the pipe away and one touch using a wrench might break it completely. Galvanized pipes usually connect to lead underground pipes. Both pipes should be replaced to the property line outside.

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