Wow. What a fantastic experience. We needed to have our 1910-era water service upgraded from corroded iron to modern copper. It wasn’t a huge job, maybe 14 feet from the city connection to our meter in the front of the basement. We’d put it off because we thought it would mean ripping up our porch and garden – nope!

Another plumber told us we had to get it done right away, along with some other work. We’d had good luck with Mister Plumber in the past, so figured we should at least get a second opinion. The estimator Igor gave us an immediate no-nonsense quote, and said the extra work could be done, but wasn’t necessary.

Alex and Alex showed up a day later and did the whole job in three hours! This included digging a small, but deep, hole in the front garden (they were careful not to kill any plants needlessly) and ripping up a small bit of the basement floor.

They filled the hole back in and concreted the floor seamlessly; they even had to take a short break for the gas and Bell locators to make sure everything was cool. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit – it might have taken three hours and fifteen minutes. I think I signed the work order at 8:00 AM and paid them off at 11:15. One of the Alex’s confirmed that the extra work our first plumber said was necessary was a waste of time – he’d do it if we wanted, but sad why waste the money?

Here we were practically begging them to upsell us, and they told us to not bother.

How often does that happen in today’s world?

Extremely happy and impressed.

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