toronto-plumber-Garbage DisposalMost Toronto home kitchens these days aren’t complete without this little handy hidden appliance known only as the garbage disposal. because a garbage disposal is such a helpful kitchen aid  to use during food preperations such as composting the waste after peeling potato’s and salad preperation all the way to the clean up; the daunting task of pre-washing.

Yes,the garbage disposal has earned its place in the modern kitchen, Only second to the microwave oven. It is such a handy tool that many appliance manufatures have included the garbage disposal built in to there dishwashers.

Life would be a little harder without your garbage disposal. You might have to walk a few extra feet to dump your refuse. Then you would have to make sure the trash is taken out that evening to keep it from smelling up your house. Life is a little easier in the kitchen with your garbage disposal.

Because your disposal is made with moving parts, sudden mechanical failer could occur at any time. That is why taking care of your garbage disposal now will prolong the life of such a versitile appliance that you will use for years to come.

Below you are about to discover 4 little known tips that will help keep you and your garbage disposal happy and healthy for the life of your appliance.

Tip #1. Be sure to always run water before and after grinding refuse in your disposal. This will ensure the blades work at optimol performance and food particles from getting trap in the belly of your disposal which would cause a stink almost as worse as a decaying mouse carcus in a floor register.  

Tips #2. Be sure you use cold water while grinding food in your disposer. If there are any kind of fats or gelatin in the foods your disposer chomps up it could melt in hot water and re-solidify as it travels down your pipes. Over time this could cause a messy major blockage.

Tips #3. Never use chemicals such as bleches or drain cleaners in your garbage disposal, because it eat at the finish on the dispoals blades and inner lining causing rust and reducing the life of your garbage dispoal. Not to mention the damage it could cause to the enviroment or your septic tank.

Here is a quick list of foods to avoid putting into your garbage disposal and down your drains with a brief explanation after words.

  • Rice
  • pasta
  • Beans
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee Ground
  • Bones
  • Gelatin
  • Fibrous fruits & vegetables
  1. Beans, rice and pasta’s bloat by sucking up moisture even after it has been cooked.
  2. Egg shells could cause dulling of your disposals blades and could get trapped to the sides of the waste tank or your pipes because of the super stickiness of egg whites.
  3. Coffee grounds is another food product that should be avoided at all cost. Since they are ground and beans not only will they stick everywhere down the drain but, over time will expand and cause a really hard blockage that is almost as hard as cement.
  4. Bones will break and dull the blades of your disposer and if you have been lucky so far, could get small chips into the housing which will burn up the motor.
  5. Gelatin and fibrous fruits and veggies will build up in your pipes and over time cause a blockage.

These are the worse kind of blockages you could have because sewer rods could bore a hole through the gelatin allowing the water to drain then close back up after the rod has been removed.

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