On the one hand, many homeowners are quick to turn to chemical disinfectants and drain cleaners. We personally don’t believe in these harsh methods, as they can pose a danger to the environment, your pipes, and, above all, your health.

There is another way! It’s surprisingly easy to put everyday household ingredients to use to start cleaning your bathroom and kitchen more safely and sustainably.

Ready to save money and start going green?

Here are five all-natural cleaning solutions to start putting to work today…

1.) Vinegar

We’re a little bit obsessed with vinegar here at Mister Plumber; it’s one of the most versatile cleaning solutions around, and it’s totally green and all-natural. Put vinegar to work for any number of cleaning needs: It fights rust, mold, odors, and clogs, and you can use it to clean water damaged surfaces, glass, and appliances ranging from your dishwasher to your toilet bowl.

2.) Hydrogen Peroxide

Similarly to vinegar, hydrogen peroxide solution is useful throughout your home. In addition to cleaning hard surfaces, it can be used to rid your toothbrush of bacteria, treat mold and mildew, and clean away grout, particularly when it’s paired with another powerful cleaning tool…

3.) Baking Powder

Baking powder is amazingly helpful when it comes to cleaning grout; you can combine it with water, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide to help scrub grout throughout your home. When mixed with water and made into a paste, baking powder is also a useful cleaning agent that can be used on surfaces across your bathroom and kitchen, including shower doors, faucets, spigots, and shower heads.

4.) Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is highly acidic, which makes it a potent, all-natural cleaning agent. In your kitchen, use it to give a clean, fresh scent to your sink or disinfect your cutting boards. In the bathroom, lemons can be put to use to clean soap scum and rust rings.

Want to make your lemon even more effective? Sprinkle some salt on a lemon-half and use it to scrub away particularly stubborn marks or stains.

5.) Vodka

Cheap booze – the cause, and solution, to so many of life’s problems. Vodka is a surprisingly effective way to cheaply clean your bathroom and kitchen surfaces; use it to clean away grease and other sticky residues, leave your windows clean and clear, and help eat away at mold and mildew.

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