Plumbing systems are a given in all Canadian households. We also known that at some point, something in this system – no matter how new it may be, will go wrong. It could be serious; it could also be something minor.

When faced with a plumbing issue, we essentially have two main options:

  • Undertake the repairs on our own. Become the do-it-yourselfer that we know, or at least think, we can be
  • Call in the plumbers

Which will work best depends upon two other factors:

  • Our level of capability – otherwise known as do we actually know anything about plumbing
  • The severity of the plumbing problem

How we answer these questions will determining whether calling in the plumbers is not only the best choice but the only choice if we don’t want to see our plumbing problem accelerate into a disaster.

When Calling in the Toronto Plumbers Makes Perfect Sense

There are certain times in your life when you should not hesitate in phoning a plumber. While faucets may be so simple they say “even a child” can repair them, this is not the case with certain bathroom and kitchen plumbing problems. Consider the toilet.

Toilet Troubles

If you have a simple clog in your toilet, you can probably use a plunger and remove the items that is causing the clog. A snake may also do the job. However, if the clog refuses to budge and there is back up in the sink or bathtub, you are looking at something all the plunging in the world will not solve. It may be the clog has gone deep into the pipes. It may be it is now an issue for plumbers to solve because the sewer pipes are involved and your health is now at risk

Backed-up Sewage System

While you can argue with a toilet or a faucet, never ever take on the sewer system in or outside your home. No amount of plunging or application of a snake will help you clear out a clogged line. In fact, it may not even be a clogged line that is creating problems throughout your entire plumbing system. It could be a weakened or broken pipe, freezing or some other issue. Do not try to repair the problem on your own. When it comes to sewage back up, we always call in our favorite Toronto plumbers.

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