1. Start by cleaning up your bath, so that everything in the area is removed and out of the way. If you have a curtain or door on your shower, take it off and make sure to remove any fixtures as well. From there, you will need to cut out drywall from the area above your tub using a saw. When in this step, it’s important to avoid hitting any power lines or pipes.

2. A utility knife will need to be used to cut the silicone around your tub. If you don’t have this, go ahead and remove clips that are around the bath. Turn off your water at this step, then you will need to remove the drains. You will probably need a wrench and a screwdriver in order to get this all the way removed. From there, the tub will need to be lifted out of the bathroom. This may require some help from others around the house or neighbors depending on the size and weight of the bath. Be careful not to strain your back or injure yourself.

3. The drain from the old bath will need to be removed as will the overflow pipes that were left behind. You will need to install a new drain and overflow pipes before you can install the new tub. This will require accurate measuring, as well as cutting, if needed.

4. If necessary, you may also need to install a ledger board to your wall. This will support the bath so that it is the right height. From there, you will be able to place the tub in place, but make sure it is level with the ground. If it’s not level with the ground, you could run into a lot of problems in the future.

5. Once the tub is level, wall studs and screws need to be attached to the tub. This will secure everything in place and ensure water cannot leak out. Then, you can add caulking to the sides and tile to the floor as you would like.

Make a Call to a Toronto Professional Plumber

The process of installing a new bath can be one that comes with a lot of challenges. This is a big reason why calling a professional to do the installation for you is such a great idea if you do not know what you are doing. Professionals will be able to take care of the planning, installation and after-care to make sure everything is done correctly the first time around. You will also be able to call them in the future if you need any bath-related maintenance or repairs done.

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