Toronto plumbing for New HomeAmong the many problems Toronto homeowners wish they could do without are plumbing problems. Not only do they seem to always happen during the most inopportune moments, they always seem to cost more than they should even though your Toronto plumber swears they had pinpointed and resolved the exact cause of it.

Faulty plumbing as well, can be one problem that can be challenging to deal with and if you are buying a new home, this is one thing that you really need to check. Often, in the excitement of moving in and starting your new life, you can forget to check other things in the house, particularly the state of the plumbing. Remember that when purchasing a new home, the price of the home itself can be expensive enough without adding the cost of faulty plumbing to it.

Faulty plumbing as well can be quite a burden when it comes to home renovations because instead of everything going quickly according to plan, the delays and inconveniences a leaky faucet or two can bring is such that you could be not only behind schedule, but also have to consider adding to your allotted renovation budget.

The great thing about plumbers these days is that they come equipped with all the latest, state-of-the-art gadgets as well as the latest methods in order to help resolve your issues with plumbing. They use methods like jet blasting to emulsify grease or fat that could be building up in your drainage, as well as to kill any roots that are threatening to break your pipes apart. For those planning on buying a home, plumbers can do pre-purchase inspections using a CCTV camera that will pinpoint every single problem that they find and even give you a DVD copy of their findings for your reference. Imagine how much you can save on repairs and replacements if you knew about the problems beforehand and then have the chance to look for a better place with better plumbing.

As for renovations, a good plumber can help you take apart that old bathroom and replace it with a new one with faucets and drains that work. The first thing you need to do though, is to make sure the plumber you hire knows that you are hiring them for renovation, not repairs. They have to be prepared to work long hours based on a pre-determined rate and do solid work in updating your bathroom and kitchen.

To start, you may want to get referrals from neighbors who’ve had renovation plumbing done and shortlist at least three to get a good idea how much it will cost you. You should also check for licensing, although bear in mind that even if a plumber is licensed, it doesn’t mean they’re good. It only means that they’ve fulfilled the requirements for licensing so do further research and use word-of-mouth as one of the basis for your decision. After all, when something or someone is really good, people can’t stop talking about them, right?

Of course, before you start calling Toronto plumbers, make sure you already know what you want to do and the results you expect. You don’t need to list down any sizes or pipe measurements because the plumber will do that for you. You don’t need to be specific about any problem you want inspected in a home you are interested in buying as well, because the plumber will be able to check it out and tell you what needs to be done. Also, never assume that your plumber will be the one to get the necessary permits and fixtures – you need to do all these yourself.

And lastly, when you do call, have a list of questions ready like how much is the hourly rate? Are there separate charges for doing non-plumbing tasks like opening walls? Having your questions ready saves time and enables you to quickly decide if the Toronto plumber is worth hiring or not. The sooner you can hire a good plumber, the sooner you can move into your new home, bought or renovated.

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