Toronto-plumbing-tips-tricksPlumbing DIY gurus may scoff at the idea of hiring a Toronto plumber over a leaky faucet or a clogged drain but when dealing with serious plumbing issues, a licensed plumber is the best bet for quality workmanship and service. Before crawling under the sink, consider these reasons to call in the Toronto professionals.

Save Time and Effort

Some plumbing jobs don’t require a lot of skill but do require a lot of time and effort. When tackling a project, consider the full cost of the project. The cost of supplies and equipment isn’t where the spending ends, the number of hours invested into the project should also be considered for a fair assessment.

Installing a water line for a refrigerator water dispenser only requires an uncomfortable hour under the house and may be a good project for a renter or homeowner. A full bathroom remodel, on the other hand, requires days of work and specialized knowledge making it better left to a professional. Assess plumbing competence and project time to determine when hiring a plumber makes sense.

Toronto Plumbers: Rest Easy with a Warranty

DIY home repairs don’t come with a guarantee. The workmanship and skill of the homeowner is the only guarantee offered. When the self-installed pipes put in last week burst in the middle of the night, the homeowner needs to get back into the walls or under the house to fix them.

Not so when hiring a licensed professional. A professional Toronto plumber can guarantee their work and provide repairs to ensure their customers receive quality workmanship every time they call. For repairs that could be catastrophic if they fail, a professional will provide needed peace of mind for homeowners.

Toronto Plumbers: Need Building Code Knowledge

The cost of a plumber is more than the work performed on a home. It’s also the experience gained during licensure. Many homeowners don’t consider building codes that need to be met when altering or installing plumbing fixtures. Between state, municipality, and standard building codes, plumbers must stay up to date on the newest procedures and laws to ensure lines and fixtures go in correctly. While a cut-rate repair may work, selling that repair to the next homeowner could backfire. Hiring a professional who understands the area and codes will ensure that the repair is done to the satisfaction of local and state regulations.

Toronto Plumbers: Big Repairs and Safety Issues

Some jobs are simply too big for the weekend home improver. Fluctuating water pressure, water heater replacement, and backed up sewer lines are just a few plumbing issues that require skill and expertise to assess the cause and fix the problem. The specialized tools and knowledge required to resolve these issues aren’t for the faint of heart and should be left to the professionals. When dealing with large repairs, a plumber can determine the cause and make repairs before a homeowner even has time to understand the problem.

While learning new skills is always encouraged, turning to an expert when repairs spiral out of control is a valid option for homeowners to take. Small repairs like a clogged drain or a constantly flushing toilet can help homeowners and renters feel empowered by learning the basics of home repair. Attempting to plumb a new bathroom or repair frozen pipes will just lead to frustration and code violations. When there’s a lot at stake, call in a licensed Toronto plumber.

There’s nothing wrong with learning basic maintenance for a home or building. In fact, it can be very handy in a pinch. However, that doesn’t mean a person is suddenly an expert at every repair, and plumbing is one of those areas that people need to be careful with.

There are generally two types of plumbing in a home: water and natural gas. Both require not just an understanding of how the pipes connect to each other, but also an understanding of how the entire plumbing system in a home works. A few fix-it repairs here and there don’t provide that education.

A number of items can easily be done by a homeowner without any major issue. These include:

  • Changing out faucet heads
  • Replacing a toilet basin
  • Replacing a sink disposal system
  • Installing a new refrigerator to a pre-plumbed kitchen connection
  • Installing a new sink basin and cabinet

The reason these items work is mainly because they all involve a shutoff point, so there’s no real risk to the rest of the house plumbing system if something goes awry. Further, most of the items and similar involve positioning, connecting pre-designed connections, and simple finishing work like caulking or painting if necessary.

However, there are plenty of plumbing situations that are best left to professional Toronto plumbers to handle. The reasons are multiple but generally fall into these categories:
    • Training – professional plumbers are trained to understand an entire home system, not just a part of it that is visible. This means that when something goes wrong, the plumber is also going to be looking for any other issues in the system that may be occurring as well. Further, he will know what likely results will occur when a change is made, which can avoid costly mistakes.
    • Tool Know-How – licensed technicians bring with them all the tools of the trade. There is no guess work on what type of wrench is needed. Further, they often have at their disposal trade-specific testers and specialized equipment, so professional plumbers can get the job done right the first time and quickly.
    • Experience – having learned what not to do early on in their careers, many licensed plumbers will avoid a number of rookie mistakes that can create more damage, delay repairs, and cost more money overall in a project. Experience does provide an advantage, and in complex projects it provides the critical difference in success versus making a problem worse.
    • Liability – if a homeowner makes too many big changes, especially those that affect the outside, he could find himself liable for damage to a neighbor’s property or to the municipal connections. That can run in the thousands of dollars owed to other parties. A professional plumber will immediately know what to avoid to not getting into such a situation. This scenario particularly applies to digging in the back or front yard with sewer systems.

There are other situations as well that bode ill for someone going it alone without professional help. So if you’re considering a major plumbing project, at least talk with a professional first, just to get an idea what’s really involved. You will likely be surprised by the scope a seemingly simple fix might involve.

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