toronto-plumbing-repair-serviceAt some point, every commercial Toronto property owner and homeowner will require the skills and expertise of plumbing contractors. The experience of a Toronto plumber is required in the installation of water lines and sewer drains of new construction, or to repair leaky faucets and clogged lines in an existing structure. It is always important to hire the skills of a licensed, bonded and insured plumber to protect the h  omeowner should anything go wrong.

Whether the homeowner is hiring a professional Toronto plumbing contractor for new construction or for repair, he or she should take specific steps before selecting the best potential candidate. These steps include:

  • Validate Credentials – Any potential plumbing contractors arriving on the job site or at the home need to provide workman’s compensation policies on any technician that will be on-site. Any technician or plumber that is injured at the house or on the job site will be covered by the plumbing contractor’s insurance policies, and not the homeowner’s coverage.
  • Validate the Plumber’s Experience – Based on the needs of the homeowner, the plumber should have all the necessary experience, tools and equipment to do the job properly. Most plumbing contractors are experienced in working with water heaters, garbage disposals, toilets, sinks, faucets, sprinklers, sump pumps, drain lines, septic tanks, water mains, and water pipes.
  • Look Around – It is imperative to never hire the first plumbing contractor found online or in a phone book. Only by comparison-shopping can the homeowner find the right plumber for the job.
  • Obtain Written Estimates – The plumbing contractors will often leave a detailed description of the entire scope of work they will perform along with an expectation of when the project will be completed.
  • Verify Quality Assurance – Most successful, reputable plumbing contractors are eager to share their warranties and guarantees with the homeowner. The warranty will describe how long their work performance, parts and fixtures are guaranteed to last. It is best to get the warranty using guarantees in writing.
  • Payment Expectations – Once the homeowner understands all the additional fees and charges, and signs the service agreement, it is imperative to understand the payment expectations. Large jobs often require a substantial amount of money down with timely payments made at milestones along the way. All payment expectations should be in writing and signed by both the contractor and the homeowner.

What a Toronto Plumbing Contractor Can Do

Typically, plumbing contractors can handle a wide array of plumbing jobs including installation, repair or replacement. With the proper tools and experience, a plumber can diagnose nearly any water or drainage problem. Once the issue is determined, they can provide an estimate or quote on exactly how much the problem will cost to solve

Toronto Plumbers have the ability to perform numerous duties that include:

  • Install or replace a bathtub
  • Install, repair or replace a garbage disposal
  • Install a toilet and toilet seat
  • Install an icemaker
  • Install or replace a bathroom or kitchen sink
  • Rebuild a faucet and valve to eliminate a leak
  • Rebuild the interior working components of a toilet to eliminate a leak

The Expectations of the Toronto Homeowner

To ensure the expectations of the homeowner are met, it is imperative to have a written agreement detailing every aspect of the job. Part of the agreement should include:

  • Job site cleanliness
  • Project completion
  • Worker conduct
  • Payment criteria
  • The responsibility for all materials and component selection
  • A detailed list of all materials to be installed
  • All rules concerning change orders
  • A detailed list of warranty on workmanship
  • Bond and insurance coverage requirements

Plumbing contractors are essential for both residential and commercial property owners. Through proper evaluation the selection of a professional plumber can be an easy one. With a detailed written agreement signed by both parties, the homeowner and plumbing contractor will be satisfied when the work has been completed.

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