Plumbing emergencies are causes for alarm but it will not be solved by panic or worrying too much. These emergencies are usually the ones you haven’t thought about of fixing until it gets worst over time. However, not all plumbing problems can be classified as emergencies that require a 24 hour plumbing service. We should be careful on when to call because it might cost as double. Here are some signs and situations that you could call for a 24 hour plumbing service, which means that you need a professional to fix the problem.

1. Burst pipes

2. Burst hot water system

3. Absence of hot water pressure

4. Faucets that keep running

5. Greasy smell

6. Water leaking from the bathroom

7. Clogged toilets of flushing back

8. Water stains on the wall

9. Blocked drains

If you wake up on the middle of the night and find these problems in your bathroom or anywhere in your house, you need to do few things on your own to control the situation. You go find the source of the water supply and turn it off from there. This will somehow help you in assessing the situation of your water system. Next would be, to double check if the problem calls for an emergency because remember that you need to pay premium charge when you make a call for plumbing services in the middle of the night, on Sundays or holidays. Containing the situation first until the morning might save you from paying a high price.

Before assuming any responsibility for plumbing repairs, you could try to check first with your water company if they could assume plumbing repair services; this involves main line breaks or service line break blockages. Calling them first might save you money for covering the repairs that should be done.

In the event that the problem really needs an immediate action, note those things which are working and not. Create a list of questions that you could ask so that you will know if you want to hire a plumber.

Lastly, always be detailed and specific on the problem or situation that you are in. This will help the plumbers know the exact problem that they will be facing which could also help them estimate the accurate cost of the service that you will be taking advantage of.

Just keep in mind that emergency or not, it is easy to choose the best plumbing services if they have been trustworthy and reliable enough.

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