Isn’t it amazing to know that the things you frequently use in thtoronto Unclogging Sink Drainse kitchen can serve another purpose? Like vinegar and baking soda for instance. You will be surprised how it works on your blocked drain. The procedure is simple, environmentally friendly and easy on your budget.

Just a disclaimer, this may not be advisable for very troublesome drains. If you have a clog that doesn’t allow any water down, you need something stronger. Baking Soda and vinegar work best with slow drains that are clogged with oil and grease.

First, heat a cup of water and bring it to a boil.

Second, pour the hot water down the drain.

Third, pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain and let it stand for a few minutes.

Fourth, pour half a cup of vinegar down the drain.

Fifth, as soon as the vinegar is poured, cover the drain to keep the solution concentrated. Ignore the hissing sound that you’ll hear, it just means that it is working to unclog your drain.

Sixth, once the hissing has stopped, pour two cups of hot water down the drain.

Baking soda and vinegar is often used as a cleaning agent. It can even be used as a safe way to clean your kitchen surfaces. The baking soda and vinegar mixture, along with the hot water will loosen up the clog built up in the drain, by breaking up the oil, dirt and grease that has solidified through daily use. While the hot water softens the oil, the reaction created by the vinegar and baking soda, actually scrubs and dissolves the grease and oil.

Try and see how it works.

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