In addition to stocking up on warm clothes and blankets, drain cleaning should be one of your top priorities this winter. Of course, keeping yourself and the whole family warm is highly important, especially when the temperatures outdoors sink below freezing. But if they want to live comfortably, you also need to ensure your plumbing is in working order as well, especially your drains. Without clean, working drains, you may see your most essential plumbing fixtures clog to the point where they are rendered useless!

If you want to avoid all of that stress this season, it’s important to consider drain cleaning from Toronto to get rid of clogs for good. Our team of plumbers are on standby all winter long to ensure you have the highest quality plumbing for the season, and they’ll stop at nothing to ensure your satisfaction! There are also several things you can do this winter to keep your drains healthy, and our team is always ready to provide you with advice!

Sure, nothing can beat the work done by a professional plumber at Toronto, but homeowners across Toronto Area can also take action in ensuring their winter won’t be ruined by clogs and other plumbing-related headaches.

Take a look at the following tips offered by our team of plumbers:

– Use More Hot Water: Similar to how hot water is used to clean dishes effectively, hot water also helps your drains and frees them from clogs. You’ll probably be using hot water to keep you warm during the winter season anyway, but allowing hot water to trickle down your drains at least once a week can save you from plenty of trouble in the season ahead.
– Use Cold Water Sparingly: Even if the weather is freezing, you’ll still need cold water at some point during the season. However, make sure to run cold water when using your garbage disposal. The cold water can solidify any grease and oils so they can be chopped up by the disposal and passed through drains easily.
– Use Salt in Bathroom Drains: It’s important to note that kitchen and bathroom drains can be become blocked for differing reasons. For clogs in bathrooms, pour one tablespoon of salt mixed with ¼ tablespoon of vinegar down drains then run hot water to eliminate any sources of clogging. While it may not appear so, ordinary table salt is incredibly helpful in freeing up drains in your shower and toilet.
– Use Boiling Water for Grease: Cooking grease buildup is one the leading causes for drains, but boiling a pot of water and pouring it down the drains may prevent grease from sticking to your drains like paste.  Also be sure to use a small amount of dish soap, which will further help in melting away grease.

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