Shower body PEX pipesThese days everybody is concerned about having enough water, especially during drought conditions, and therefore most are paying more attention to how much water they are using.

Along with the need to conserve water is the need for lower water utility bills. Both problems can be fixed by new plumbing technologies that we are well experienced at installing. Our expert water conservation-aware technicians will quickly convert your Toronto home to a water-conserving home.

New Toilets

Since the toilet typically uses more water than anything else in a home, it makes good sense to replace all toilets with the new low volume flush features. Traditional toilets use up to 7 gallons per flush.

Some of the low volume toilets include other water saving features, such as having 2 flush controls, one for a minimal flush of about 0.8 of a gallon and another for the full 1.6 gallon flush. They cost a little bit more up front, but the savings in water utility bills will pay it off very quickly.

New Shower Heads

The second biggest use of water in the home is the shower. Have a low-flow shower head installed and save even more water, and therefore money. Traditional shower heads flow at about 5 gallons per minute.

Switch to a low-flow solution and reduce that flow to a mere 2.5 gallons per minute, or even less. Showers are preferable to baths, because a bath can take up to 25 gallons of water. A low-flow shower head solution may use as little as 15 gallons.

New Faucets

Traditional bathroom and kitchen faucets use up to 3 gallons per minute, which is about double the flow of a low-flow faucet, at 1.5 gallons per minute.

Of course, whenever there is a leaky faucet you must have it serviced or replaced right away. All faucets should be upgraded at the same time.

Mister Plumber are experts in the installation of all things plumbing. Give us a call and we will have a conversation about upgrading your plumbing to use drastically less water, helping you responsibly conserve water and save money at the same time.

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