During the winter’s many of us face water pipes freezing problem due to cold temperature and the high winds. If your home /household has been unattended for a couple of days and without continuous heating it can lead to frozen pipes issues. It can be expensive to repair and can also lead to some serious damages. Bursting of the main water pipe can leave you without water for many days. There are certain measures that you need to take in order to avoid such serious damages during the winter months.

*During the winters when you are anticipating freeze, leave the faucet dripping in every fixture as the moving water is difficult to freeze as compared to the water still in the pipes. If you have the pipes running outside of the house then it becomes all the more important.

*Before the freeze arrives shut down all the water to the outside faucets. Once you have shut down the main water supply, make sure all the remaining water is drained out to ensure the pipe is empty and completely dry. The water freeze inside the pipe melts down when the temperature rises and in the process the ice inside expands before melting which can lead to water pipes bursting or breaking. After the winter this is the most common problem that people face.

*If you have all your plumbing fixtures to outside facing wall and have cabinet door then during the winter open the doors. For example if the kitchen sink pipe is adjacent to the outside wall, keep the cabinet door open for it to be exposed to some heat generated from inside the house.

*If you use insulated pipes before the winter month it will solve your freezing problem. People make mad rush to the market to buy all the necessary insulation material just before the winter month, so plan in advance to keep the stock.

*If you are planning on leaving your house unattended for couple of days during the winters then if you have a thermostat to keep the house warm at the set temperature set that will be great. But you cannot completely rely on it as it might fail to function behind your back so keeping the neighbors informed and asking them to check your house can be quite helpful.

If you have frozen pipes then there are couple of things that you can yourself do before the plumber arrives like turning up the heat, opening the cabinet door to expose the pipe to some heat, also if possible place a space heater at the frozen pipes.

These are just few simple steps that you can take during the harsh winter months to avoid any plumbing problem related to freezing of the pipes and reducing the risk of bursting of the pipes.

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