We all know the first few signs that your bathroom drain isn’t working. You noticed your sink takes longer than usual to drain. You begin to smell a rank odor and before you know it, you stuck wet in the bathroom with your drain completely not draining. You realize that you should fix it as fast as you can to avoid your pipes from exploding or your bathroom becoming useless.

 Perhaps, your next move is to remove the hair and other dirt that builds up around the drain. If it doesn’t work, you use the plunger. If things aren’t changing significantly, you resort to basic plumbing strategies you can do at home using basic materials.

1. Clean thoroughly
The major cause of clogs is the build-up of dirt and hair in the rain that you forgot to clean. Cleaning it thoroughly may solve the problem.

2. Pour boiling water
Pour a sizzling hot water unto the clog drain slowly. Hot water seem to be the simplest way to unclog drains that clogs due to oil coming from your shampoo and conditioner.

3. Use the bent wire
Get a regular wire coat hanger and straighten it. The end of the wire should be bent a bit making it look like a small hook like that of Captain Hook. Push it through the drain cover to catch the hair and other nasty things that shouldn’t be on your drainage.

4. Mix baking soda and vinegar and pour on your drain
Mix one third cup of baking soda with one third cup of vinegar. Pour it on the clogged drain slowly. It will create a fizzing sound and it signals that it is working to unclog your drain.

5. Pour a dish detergent with a bit of water
Try pouring a dish detergent with a small amount of water and pour it on the drain. It will create bubbles and you will notice that it is slowly working to clear the blockage.

Try these five steps. Who knows this will save you from calling Mister Plumber.

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