Some older homes and businesses are faced with leaky basements due to the foundation of the premises. There are several things that you will notice that will help you determine whether or not you need to call an emergency Toronto plumbing company or not. Slab leaks are common occurrences and due to underground pipes that have broken or backed up somewhere along the line. These pipes can be your inflow / outflow pipes that carry water in and out of your business or residence as well as waste / sewage water pipe breaks.

Flooding basements can occur when there has been a heavy rainfall and the foundation walls are made of concrete, the water accumulates outside and then seeps through the walls leaving dampness or water stains on your basement walls and floors. Slab leaks however can occur due to an underground pipe that has burst and has flooded into the basement. Several things can cause leaky basement floors such as burst pipes that occur due to tree root invasion. This is when the tree roots grow under the house, in search of the water source and wrapped themselves around the plumbing pipes.

If you discover a flooded basement and you suspect it is from a burst underground pipe, first thing you must do is to fill some pots with water and then shut off your main water supply. Sewage backups will of course leave a distinguishable odor and waste floating in your basement, so try to mop up or sweep it into the drainage hole that is on your basement floor. Fresh clear water means that the water supply pipes that provide your home or business with water has burst and you will need some emergency Toronto plumbing repair in order to get this problem resolved.

If you are familiar with plumbing and think the problem is slight then discover where the leak is and take the steps to fix it. However, undetermined leakages can cause your home or business thousands of dollars in damage so call an emergency Toronto plumber in your area that will provide you with their services or advice.

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