Clogged drains can get frustrating when not properly taken care of, most of the time we want to immediately try to fix it ourselves, sometimes this may cause more damage than good. Calling a Toronto plumber is the most reasonable choice, but depending on how bad the drain is clogged, you might be able to save it yourself if you follow these necessary steps.

1. Good ole fashion plunger

A plunger is your old fashion way of getting drains unclogged. If you don’t have one, you can always get one from any convenient store nearby for a couple of bucks. When you start the process, be sure to fill the sink partially with water, make sure it is a quarter of the way full. If you have a double sink, then you will need to block the other drain with a cloth or towel. Proceed to plunge down the drain rapidly, once the water in the sink begins to drain, then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

2. Baking soda and vinegar

This is not designed for the hardest and toughest clogs, but will do the trick if you are dealing with an average blockage. This technique is safe and effective, and you won’t have to get your hands messy.

For the first step, you want to boil a pot of water and then slowly pour it down the drain. Make sure you have enough boiling water left for later usage.
Now pour in at least 1/3 cup of baking soda and wait for 5 minutes while it goes through.
In the pot of boiling water, mix in a cup of vinegar, then pour the mixture into the drain. Wait about 15-20 mins before continuing.
Last, use the remaining boiling water to flush down all the mixture and waste.

3. Bent wire hanger

The most simple of all the different measures you could take, all you would need is a regular wire coat hanger. First you straighten it out as best as you can, then bend one end over to create a small hook. Go ahead and push that past the drain and start to move it around while you look for whatever is clogging it. With this method, always keep in mind that you want to pull the gross stuff out, not further in. After you pull all that stuff out, run some hot water down the drain to clear any more blockage.

4. Wet and dry vacuum

If you happen to own a wet & dry vacuum or know of a place where to get one, then you can try this awesome tool to unclog the drain. First thing you have to do once you got a vacuum, is to set it to liquid. Cover up the vent to prevent any leakage or mess. Now, create the tightest seal you can over the drain. Turn it to the highest setting and watch the magic happen, for this should be powerful enough to clear it, but if it does not, then you may need to call a professional.

5. Calling a professional

If you have tried your best at clearing the drain, but have had no luck with all the different methods. Then it is time to look around and call a professional to come. This is the best course of action because not only will your problem be fixed 100%, but you will also save time and labor of doing it yourself or even worse, causing more damage. Look around the market and try to find a Toronto plumber that will give you a reasonable price and offer quality service.

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