A few decades ago, it will be difficult to identify the cause of drainage problems. However, with the innovation and technological advancement we now enjoy, we can be more equipped to handle these types of problems. It was only recently that sewer and drain camera made our lives easier.

Importance of sewer and drain camera

There are a lot of advantages that cameras for exploring pipes and drains can offer. These are the following.

  • Saves time and effort – since we do not have to wonder and perform “hit-and-miss” diagnosis, we can save time and energy. Previously, people need to wonder what the cause of clogging may have been and they have to turn every “stone” just to know the problem. However, with the help of sewer and drain cameras, you can easily take a look at the pipes and identify the problem easier and faster.
  • Safety – it is safer to have an ocular inspection of the pipes with the use of camera rather than doing it manually. Sometimes, drainage areas are unsafe and may come with all types of dirt, bacteria, and harmful substances. With the use of camera, you do not have to risk your health and welfare just to know the cause of the problem.
  • Cost-effective – undeniably, using sewer and drain camera may cost you money. Nevertheless, when you think about how much time you save and the structures you do not have to destroy, you will soon realize that you actually saved more money compared to not using the camera device.
  • Technological advancement – depending upon the model and specifications of the sewer and drain camera, you can have a good visual and reach within the pipe. Moreover, people who handle this technology are highly professional and adept with their field. Therefore, you can be assured that you will be presented with the right course of action after the problem has been identified.

How to choose sewer and drain camera

If you are planning to buy your own sewer drain camera or you want to start a business, then you need to consider the following factors.

  • Insertion probe – the length of the probe and the material used should be considered. The probe cable should be long enough so that it can navigate hard-to-reach areas effectively. Probe cables are available in 20-120 meters. A reel is normally added to the device.
  • Camera – the camera should come with an illumination feature. Remember that you are going to inspect dark areas and thus, the camera should be equipped with enough light to send better image.
  • Monitor hub – the size of the screen should also be considered. The bigger the screen, the better. Of course, you need to make sure that the footage made by the camera is of high resolution to make sure that the monitor hub will display clear videos.

These are the basic and important information that you should learn about sewer and drainage camera. With this information, I am sure that you will appreciate more this technology and know how to choose one.

This guest post by Tania Miner, an online marketing associate of Haendiges Plumbing – provides commercial plumbing services in Orange County. Tania’s interests range from providing improvement tips on bathroom faucets to kitchen sinks.


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