Drains are tricky to access and often out of sight, which means the real cause of the blocked drain isn’t always obvious.

Having to investigate your drain can often be an awkward and confusing task, and you can never guarantee you’ll actually find the course of the problem without the use of specialist tools to make your life easier.

Also, drains will deteriorate over time which can lead to cracks and other problems that can cause a block. The CCTV survey will help you track down the cause of the problem, but also help identify future potential problems before they happen.

The CCTV technology comprises of a tiny camera mounted on the end of a wire, which is then fed sown the drain. The operator will then gets a live visual of the murky insides of your drain on a television screen, and is able to spot the cause of the issue.

CCTV surveys of blocked drains are a highly accurate in the assessment of your drain – and you’ll be able to see the proof on the screen. Having a visual image of the drain also helps with establishing the most accurate remedial options – which in the long run saves time, stress and money.

Once the survey is completed, the drainage company will often provide you with a fully comprehensive report which is easy for you to interpret. Not only will this be a written report, but companies today are increasingly offering the CCTV recording onto DVD – so you have a copy for your records and insurance claims.

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