Dating back in the early 1900’s, lead pipes are the most common choice of people for their plumbing systems due to their durability and flexibility. Lead piping during the early years was also considered as an art form by many, thus gaining its popularity. But as time passes, it was then known that using lead pipes for the water system can cause harmful health effects. Lead poisoning became a serious problem back then particularly after the WW II. That is why up until now, removing lead pipes and replacing them with a safer alternative is the concern of the government to avoid water contamination.

How does lead affect our health? A pint amount of lead present in our drinking water can cause various health concerns. When absorbed into our system, lead can cause harm to our internal organs such as kidneys, heart and brain. It can also cause serious neurological effects such as delirium and seizures. Lead is most dangerous to the unborn children who are in a stage of development inside their mothers wombs. This will cause teratogenic effects that will to neurological defects, disabilities and learning problems. For adults, it causes high blood pressure, digestive difficulties and nerve disorders. Lead cannot be seen, tasted and smelled that is why you can’t notice its presence on your drinking water.

Older or historic homes are most likely to have this kind of pipes, so it is best to get rid of it the instant it is positive to lead testing. The best way to prevent lead contamination is to remove the lead pipe and then replace it into pipes that are proven safe for drinking. If you are in doubt of your pipes, then the need of a professional to inspect your pipes must be sought immediately. A lot of companies offer services today pertaining to lead pipe removal and replacement.

We at Mister Plumber takes care of your piping dilemmas and are fully capable to complete water pipe removal particularly lead piping replacement within a week’s time. With the state-of-the-art equipment, we do water line location in order to determine the pipe’s exact placement. Disturbances on your landscaping will be minimal only due to our specialized tools. We offer a lot more services and give it at an affordable price in Toronto with the best work output. Got problems with your pipes? Call us immediately for any of your piping needs.

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