Isn’t it annoying when you are about to sleep and you hear the sound of water running from nowhere near you? I’m sure you will try to inspect and figure out even if it is late. You can’t doze off for sure knowing that there is something wrong.

Before you know it, there is a leak or burst in one of your pipes at home and because it’s late at night you are left with no other choice other than to shut off the main water source. Pipe leak detection and repair is difficult when it’s late at night especially in winter. It is that time of the year when you wish you were an engineer or that you have a neighbor who is a plumber who can help you with.

Leaks are one of the many plumping issues that develop over time, and if taken for granted can cause tremendous water damage and expensive plumbing repair cost.

If the leak is identifiable and not that big, it can be minimized or resolved by following these steps:

Turn off the main water valve or your emergency shut off valve

Cutting off the main water source can minimize the amount of water loss while you try to figure out and repair the leak.

Drain the remaining water from the pipe

After shutting off, drain the remaining water from the pipe and wipe it with dry cloth.

Apply epoxy on the leak area

Apply an epoxy on the leak area and cover it with a rubber. To be sure, use a water resistant tape.

Leave it to dry for about an hour.

Leave it for an hour and try it to make sure that your problem has been resolved.
If however, the leak is big and requires professional care, then I suggest that you call the plumbing services. There are establishments that provide emergency services even on a cold winter night. Waste no time and water.  Avoid the stress  and take a deep slumber.

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