All houses contain complex systems of energy, HVAC (heating, venting, air-conditioning), and plumbing. These systems are usually hidden behind wall studs, routed throughout the floors joists and above the ceiling rafters. When these systems fail, then disaster quickly ensues.

Specific Plumbing Defects

Plumbing defects can be one of the most significant dangers for a living space because of water leaks. Water is routed throughout a La Habra home in both fresh and effluent streams – incoming and outgoing, fresh and dirty.

The source or destination does not matter when there’s a leak because any break in the system is a disaster! Wall are destroyed.

Electrical fixtures are ruined. Carpets are drenched. Furniture needs to be replaced. Water leaks are no simple fix!

But what causes leaks? Why do leaks occur?

3 main issues result in water leaks. First of all, other than brand new living units, most have several different types of plumbing technology.

Various Pipes

Older pipes were made from earthenware or black iron. Newer plumbing material is generally made of plastic. Copper still remains one of the most used materials in plumbing, but it fluctuates due to the price. These materials have unique properties and unique methods of joining them together to route water throughout a living unit.

These joints, especially in the case of joining two dissimilar materials (copper and plastic, for example) are where most leaks occur. Older materials simply wear over time, and develop slight fractures that will expand under pressure.

The Process of Leaks

Secondly, the quality of water also impacts leaks. Hard water buildup in the line decreases the size of the plumbing tube through which the water is flowing. Water lines can become like a clogged artery; with increased buildup comes increased pressure.

Over time, caked residue in the form of calcium or magnesium hardness ions, will further increase the pressurized system. For this reason, it is helpful to know the condition of your La Habra water and utilize softening resources if necessary.

Finally, sudden jolts to any plumbing system can cause slight fractures which turn into leaks over time. Bumping any faucet, external or internal, will jolt the entire line, especially in the case of older materials.

The rigid feed line will vibrate is jolted at the faucet. Sudden opening and closing of valves under high pressure will also cause unwanted pressure on a system. Like a car that slams on the breaks is a faucet that shuts off immediately instead of gradually.

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