Our upstairs shower was down into the first floor behind the drywall. This happened on Good Friday and I was worried I’d have to pay an arm and a leg to come out on Easter Weekend.

I waited until Saturday and called and Alex contacted me to come out and have a look at the shower.

Despite a mistake on my part, I caused him to think the job was off, when I phoned him later in the day to ask where was he, he politely told me that I hadn’t texted him my address so he thought the job was off. And although this was his day off, he still came to do my job about 1 hour after my second call! Very polite, very nice people, even Vladimir who took my original call.

As for the job itself, it turned out to be small than what I thought (thank God!) and he did have to cut the drywall, but explained everything he did and showed me inside the hole so I could see what the problem was. He ran the shower and made sure I watched downstairs to make sure no water was coming down the wall and I was satisfied.

The repair was made within 30 minutes and we can shower again!

Thank you Alex for coming on your day off and despite my confusion with the time!

I really appreciate it!!!

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