A plumbing emergency can strike at any time and usually do so at the most inopportune moment of the day or night. Usually a plumbing emergency will occur when a property owner turns on a faucet, flushes a toilet or turns on a washing machine.

Once a leak or other problem has been identified it is usually accompanied by large amounts of leaking water or leaking waste from pipes. Qualified and experienced Toronto plumbers have the knowledge to deal with these issues in a speedy fashion that will result in the problem being handled quickly and efficiently.

Turn off the water supply!

Any Toronto plumber will tell an individual homeowner the best bet for keeping their property safe and secure is to turn off the water supply and take the necessary steps to halt the supply of water reaching the damaged area. This can include the need to turn off the entire water supply entering the property if a shut off valve cannot be identified close to the pipe or appliance causing the emergency.

In the event of an emergency the simplest step is often to shut off the entire water supply in a quick fashion, which can be done with the help of a plumber called out to respond to the emergency. In fact, most plumbing companies will assist the resident in turning off their water supply over the phone when they call to ask for help with their emergency plumbing problems.

Call out a plumber

Many homeowners feel they have the best chance of conducting a speedy repair themselves without the help of a qualified plumber. This is often a problem for the homeowner as plumbers can find the root cause of the problem and treat it effectively to avoid the many problems that can occur with a property in the future. A repair completed by a qualified plumber called to handle an emergency should be more effective and last longer than any repair completed by the homeowner.

Take a few precautionary steps

Whilst waiting for a plumber to arrive and with the water turned off the homeowner can spend a few minutes making sure their home is not affected by the plumbing emergency. Mopping up any standing water to avoid damage to the structure is a good idea. Also, a water heater drained of the majority of its water is more likely to burst, which means turning off the water heater should always be done in the event of a plumbing emergency.

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