Copper pipe leak repair

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Welcome to Mister Plumber, your local licensed and experienced plumber in Brampton, specializing in leaky pipe repair and replacement. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient plumbing services in accordance with Ontario plumbing codes.
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Understanding Your Pipes:

Houses, buildings, and condos hide thousands of feet of pipes and fittings, each with its unique role. From couplings to valves, these components ensure a smooth water flow. Our services adhere to Ontario plumbing codes, ensuring proper and consistent installations. Pipes may face challenges like corrosion or tension, leading to leaks. At Mister Plumber, we offer comprehensive repair and replacement services to safeguard your property from water damage.

Types of Pipes We Service:

✅ Copper
✅ Cast Iron
✅ Galvanized Steel
✅ Clay
✅ System 15
✅ Uponor

How to Fix a Broken Pipe:

Different pipe materials require specific techniques and tools for repair. Our skilled plumbers can efficiently address any breakdown, emphasizing the importance of stopping water flow before initiating repairs. We use advanced methods, such as rubber sliding couplings for ABS or cast iron pipes behind drywall. Whether it’s a pinhole leak or a complex issue, our team ensures fast and reliable plumbing services.
Copper pipe leak repair

Full Pipe Replacement:

Some pipes, due to age or frequent issues, may require complete replacement. Mister Plumber excels in replacing pipes with minimal property disturbance. Our licensed plumbers follow codes to guarantee a lasting solution. Although replacement may incur higher costs, it ensures longevity and eliminates recurrent issues.

Why Choose Mister Plumber:

👍 Over 20 years of experience
👍 Honest, reliable, and insured
👍 Fair prices with transparent quotes
👍 Prompt and professional services
👍 Equipped with modern tools and technology
👍 Over 200 positive reviews on Google
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Don’t wait for severe water damage from a leaky pipe. Call Mister Plumber at 416-939-1530 for expert pipe repair or replacement in Brampton. Your property will thank you for choosing the professional “pipe doctor.”