Low temperatures during winters are the main causes for pipes to freeze and result in pipe bursts. Burst pipes tend to cause severe damages by causing inconvenience to water flow and often huge repair costs.

Reasons for burst pipes

Some of the most common causes for pipes to freeze and burst during the cold seasons are:

  • Insufficient insulation of the pipes because of which they are poorly protected.
  • Constant exposure to ice cold weather, mostly as a result of the cracks and gaps that form.
  • For pipes that are located inside the cupboards, there is no chance of them receiving warm air, which results in cracks.

The above causes result in freezing of the pipes, and they may burst due to the following reasons:

  • Freezing water expanding inside the pipes.
  • Constant freezing which leads to expansion of water inside the pipe will build up pressure between the blockage and the faucet that is closed.
  • As a result of continuous pressure build up, the section of the pipe that is undergoing all this, will eventually burst open.

Preventing burst pipes

By ensuring a smooth flow of water through the pipes, freezing and bursting of pipes can be avoided. Below are few tips which can help you in that:


Try insulating the pipe storage area and the walls of water tanks. This greatly helps the pipes from bursting. You could also consider wrapping the pipes with insulating material to ensure proper insulation. A variety of these are available in the market. Check them out.

Prevention from cold weather:

Most of the boilers today come with a thermostat protection that automatically turns on when temperatures drop. Ensure this is in place and is working properly. As a means of extra protection, it is a good idea to keep the loft door or cupboard door open to let in some amount of heat in winter. During extreme cold, you could even leave the heating on for some hours.

Using the stopcock:

Keep a check on the stopcock regularly. In cases of emergencies of burst pipes you could turn it off easily.

Check pipes on regular basis:

It is also a good idea to monitor your pipes regularly to check for any freezes and burst pipes. If you find any leakage in the taps, immediately fix them with the new one or fix the same pipe issue. If they happen to freeze, they could block the pipes.

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