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Struggling with your main drain or sewer in Vaughan?

At Mister Plumber, we make drain and sewer dilemmas easy to tackle with a thorough inspection, clear action plan, and excellent service.

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6 Signals That Indicate Your Drain Needs Work

Drainage issues are an experience every homeowner can relate to — sudden glitches that demand attention. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • Slow-Moving Drains: Notice the water draining at a turtle’s pace? There might be a blockage.
  • Off-Putting Scents: Picked up a bad smell? It’s an indicator something might not be right.
  • Strange Sounds: Unusual noises from the tap? Worth having it inspected.
  • Unexpected Water Spots: Found water in odd places? It’s an unmistakable warning sign.
  • Obvious Sewage Leaks: Spotted (or smelled) sewage in your yard or basement? It’s time to ring up the pros.
  • Mildew Mania: Excessive mold near your drains? It signals a potential underlying issue.

Recognized any of these in your Vaughan home? Reach out to us at +1 416-939-1530 or fill out our quick contact form for a free consultation.

What to Expect With Mister Plumber

We know how stressful home plumbing issues can be. It’s more than just pipes and water; it’s about the comfort of your home and the peace of your mind.

When you team up with Mister Plumber, here’s how we ensure everything gets back on track:

  1. A Careful Inspection: We’ll start by taking a close look with our high-definition cameras and scan for any issues in your drains and pipes.
  2. Clear Communication: We’ll chat about what we found, and together, we’ll decide on the best steps to take.
  3. Getting It Fixed: Our experts will handle the drain repairs, using the right tools to get things flowing smoothly again.
  4. Quality Assurance: After the work, we always double-check to ensure everything’s perfect. Your peace of mind is important to us.
  5. Staying Connected: Questions? Concerns? We’re always here to chat and offer any advice you might need moving forward.

Sewer pipe installationWhy Vaughan Residents Love Mister Plumber

  • 9/5 Stars (190+ Reviews): Just ask around the block! We’ve been the go-to in Vaughan for ages, and folks seem to think we’re pretty rad.
  • Transparent Costs: No perplexing terms, just straightforward prices. Our quotes are lucid, making sure you grasp every charge.
  • We’re on Your Clock: Day, night, rain, shine — we roll with your rhythm, always ready.

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