drain field-septic-systemBecause of the potential damaging effects to the environment should your septic system fail, the Environmental Protection Agency and various local laws require regular maintenance to your tank. Sulfates, which can turn into toxic gas and various other groundwater pollutants, are dangerous consequences of an inefficient or failing system.

These factors make it extremely important to understand the relevant environmental regulations and maintain your system properly.

Besides the environmental effects, failing to take care of your septic system can create backups, blockages, and costly repairs. Be sure to have a professional regularly inspect your tank. Most professionals recommend an annual inspection. This should also be pumped at least every three years. Further, following these household suggestions will help keep your system running smoothly.

· Avoid putting too much cooking oil or grease down your drains. Oil and grease can block the drains in your septic system, cause odor, and interfere with your system’s periodic emptying.

· Do not flush non-biodegradable items down your toilet. Things such as cigarette buds, sanitary products, and cotton balls will clog the tank and cause major problems.

· Try not to overuse your garbage disposal. Too much solid waste can overload the septic system.

· Find an alternative drainage route for appliances like water softeners. Water softeners can pump large amounts of excess water causing excess flow into the drainfield.

· Divert excess water from roof drains away from your drainfield.

· Use water conservatively. Too much water entering can cause it to fail. Turn off running water as soon as possible and make sure your plumbing is free of leaks.

o Quickly repair leaky faucets and toilets and use “low-flow” fixtures.

o Don’t run more than one major appliance, such as the dishwasher and washing machine, at the same time.

· Be aware of water usage when doing laundry.

o Use energy efficient appliances.

o Select the proper load size when doing laundry.

o Try not to do all of your laundry in one day. Running many consecutive loads does not give the system time to recover and can cause overflow.

· Make sure the there are no tree roots growing over or around this area. Roots can cause the tank to rupture. For this reason, grass is the best cover for your drainfield. Avoid shrubs and plants with even shallow roots.

· Do not put household chemicals down your drains. These chemicals can destroy bacteria that are necessary for your septic system.

· Do not drain water from hot tubs or swimming pools into your septic system. This can overload the system. Also, chlorine can kill bacteria that your septic system needs to function properly.

Follow these guidelines closely when going about your day-to-day activities. Also, make sure that if you do encounter problems or suspect drainage issues, you call a professional. Do not attempt to correct the problem yourself because this requires precise septic tank maintenance and bacterial balance.

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