Septic Tank FailuresWith scheduled regular maintenance and the right care for a septic system, one can rest assured that it runs effectively for years, and they won’t need to choose between traditional or trenches sewer repairs.

Check out the following Toronto plumber’s tips that should be taken to keep a septic system more than healthy.

1. Start maintenance practice by pumping the septic tank every few years. The frequency depends how heavily the system is used.

2. Know the location of the septic tank as well as the drain field, then keep the information in a place where it can be accessed by those who need it.

3. Keep heavy equipment off the septic system and the drain field. Also, avoid building anything above it to include driveways, sidewalks and porches. This is a common reason for needed trenchers sewer repair.

4. When flushing the toilet remember only products that are approved should be flushed. There can be costly problems associated with this faux pas.

5. Use water only as necessary and fix any leaking fixtures or appliances immediately.

6. Try not to do too much laundry at once, instead spread it through each week.

7. Regular use of enzyme treatments to replenish beneficial bacteria in the system. Contact for enzymes.

8. Route water away from the home or other structure. This keeps too much water from moving through the sump pump.

9. Use enzyme treatments to restore beneficial bacteria to the system.

10. Plant just grass over and close to the septic system, as root bearing vegetation can cause damage.

11. If the home has a disposal, make sure the septic tank and sump pump can accommodate all the solids it will receive.

What a Sewer Is

It’s important to realise that a sewer is more than just a toilet and drainpipes; it is made up of all the waste water from a home or business. Some structures will have a septic system but the idea is the same, the system handles all the waste water as its job. That’s why it’s so important to keep the entirety of it in the best condition possible. A simple clog can mean a flood and major damage to the property. While trenchers sewer repair is not too disruptive, it’s still an expense most would like to avoid.

Be Alert

It’s important for a home or business owner to always take note of any issues. If they notice any issues with water not draining easily from anyplace they should do some investigating or hire a professional to come take a look. Chances are it won’t just get better on its own, but likely worse. The traditional or trenchless sewer repair is inevitable.

While drains can be cleaned using commercial products and there are plenty of home remedies that can be used, nothing has the backing and guarantee as having a professional cleaning does. Experts in trenches repairs can use a tiny camera to inspect pipes and makes sure there are no pinhole leaks or cracks that can worsen over time.

One thing that many do is pour hot water down the sinks. This will easily keep pipes clean. Avoid pouring hot oil from cooking down the drains, as it can solidify and clog easily. In addition, if there is no sink disposal to grind up food waste, it should be disposed of in the trash can and not shoved down the drain.

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