sump pumpYour sump pump is tested not during the summer but during rainy days. And it is only by then that you notice that it has malfunctioned. During these days, the quick flow of rainwater contributes to the ground water making the water table rise quickly. The pump kicks on as the ground water level reaches the float activation point. It keeps the water level below the basement and therefore lessening the pressure below the basement floor.

Unfortunately though, a lot of home owners only finds out their pump is not functioning or has malfunctioned when it is already late. A non-functioning pump during rainy days could lead to flooding and wet walls. Therefore, it is recommended to have an extra pump just in case the main one malfunctions or at least perform frequent maintenance with the pump that you already have.

The installation of the basement waterproofing systems like drainage and pumps among others comes with an offer of annual maintenance.

It is recommended that you grab this offer to ensure that your sump pump is well maintained to save your basement from damage. Ask your plumbers about the annual maintenance package included in your basement waterproofing system. Remember that a house that doesn’t get flooded cost higher in the market. It is better to be safe than sorry in the end.

The regular maintenance mentioned above includes the removal of obstructions such as leaves, twigs and stones in the sump pump liner, filter, and screen. It is recommended that the sump pump’s drains are flushed with hot water regularly. This method ensures that iron bacteria colonies do not grow and multiply and removes debris that might obstruct the flow of water. Avoid, at all cost, the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, detergents and the like in cleaning your sump pump system.

Additional areas to clean and check:

  • Removable screen at the base
  • Test operation and the float switch
  • Check water discharge lines
  • Open drains
  • Battery backup

Once you have your sump pump installed, it becomes a must to follow factory recommended maintenance procedures. Complete maintenance checks every year, but it is recommended that it is done twice a year. The best time to the do the maintenance check is after it has gone idle (like during summer) or before the rainy days. And do not forget to buy an extra sump pump for emergency use, you never know when you’re going to need it.

Remember that your pump needs professional maintenance and might not do well with DIY cleaning. Do not scrimp on this area of your household as a flooded basement could affect the entire house, contact your local Toronto plumber.

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