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Discover the hidden world beneath your home – every house is a network of drain and sewer pipes totaling hundreds of feet. The intricate system begins with the underground sewer pipe, connecting your home to the municipal main beneath the road. Picture it as a tree with branches: the main drain, resembling the trunk, extends to the basement, giving rise to branches serving various fixtures like floor drains, laundry sinks, basement bathrooms, and drain stacks.

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Understanding the anatomy of drain pipes is crucial:

1. Clay pipes for underground applications
2. PVC pipes for underground use
3. ABS pipes for both underground and above-ground applications
4. Copper pipes for commercial plumbing
5. XFR and System 15 for commercial and multiple-unit buildings
6. Cast iron pipes for commercial applications

However, pipes aren’t invincible. They contain joints and fittings, vulnerable to leaks. Underground pipes face threats from tree roots seeking nutrients within, leading to cracks and potential blockages. Above-ground pipes can develop cracks due to tension during installation, while old cast iron pipes may suffer from corrosion and reduced wastewater flow.

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But fear not, as Mister Plumber has the expertise to address these issues:

1. Tree Root Blockages: Our permanent solution involves replacing the damaged clay pipe with durable PVC.
2. Depressions in Underground Pipes: We undertake meticulous digging, proper bedding, and reinstallation to restore the correct slope.
3. Leaky ABS Pipes: For above-ground pipes concealed behind drywall, we offer precise partial replacements, cutting and repairing with new fittings and glue.
4. Old Cast Iron Stacks: Our skilled plumbers can perform spot repairs or full replacements with modern ABS alternatives.

Emergency drain repair

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