Ben from Mississauga

We currently live in south Mississauga, near Lake Ontario, and have experienced basement flooding 2 years ago in the July storm.

We were at the stage now that we were interested in installing a backwater valve in our cold storage room. After requesting a quote online, (on a Sunday), I received a phone call from Vlad that same day to discuss what we wanted to do. (I should add that this was the fourth plumbing company that I had contacted). I explained the situation in our cold storage room, (i. e. the floor had been tiled over), and Vlad outlined in detail how they would address the project. Vlad also took care of the permit and arranging the building inspector for us. Sasha came and did an incredible job locating the pipe, installing the valve, and then coming back and finishing the job after the inspection by the city inspector.

In terms of cost, they were a few hundred dollars cheaper than the other two companies, (who did not offer to complete the entire job like Mister Plumber had done with the permits and arranging inspection), and they also provided all the information that we need to get the rebate from the Region of Peel.

All in all, we were very pleased with Mister Plumber and the work that they did.

We would highly recommend them to anyone interested in installing a backwater valve.

They were helpful, efficient, and left the area clean.

Thanks Vlad and Sasha!

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