Leak from ceiling Could there be anything worse than a Mississauga plumbing emergency? To the average homeowner, there’s probably not too much worse, other than major damage. To a professional plumber however, handling your emergencies is what we do best. At Mister Plumber Mississauga, we love our job because we get to come to the rescue when an emergency plumbing issue strikes.

From Our Door to Yours in a Flash

Common culprits that threaten your drains and pipes include hair, food and just about any other object that can make its way down your drains and into your plumbing. If you have children, you’d be surprised what can be flushed.

Ways to Help Keep Your Drains Clean

You can pour vinegar and baking soda down the drains on a regular basis. The acidity of the vinegar creates a fizzing foam that works great to break down grease or debris and can help keep water flowing properly. There are many objects that can fall down into your kitchen and bathroom sinks. In the kitchen, it’s easy for food and grease to clog your drain. In the bathroom, makeup may seem harmless but particles can build up and stick to the inside of the bathroom pipes. Cotton swabs and Q-tips are also common objects that can fall in the sink and be washed down the drain.

Shower Drains Should Be Cleaned Regularly

Hair is the biggest culprit for blocking a shower drain. Then soap and shampoo residue builds up on the hair and really makes a nasty clog. You can purchase bathtub screens that fit into your drain to stop hair clogs. If you have a plumber’s snake (you can get an inexpensive one at the hardware store), this is a good device for regular cleaning to remove hair and soap. If you’ve waited too long and the clog is causing water to sit in your drain, you’d be best to call Mister Plumber Mississauga and we can use our special equipment to pull whatever lurks beneath, out of your pipes.

Keep an Eye on Your Sump Pump

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ – that’s the problem with most sump pumps. A regular check of your sump pump to ensure it is working properly is a great idea. So many basements flood because the sump pump backs up. The moment you spot signs of trouble, give Mister Plumber Mississauga a call. Water enters the home quickly. The sooner you react, the easier it will be to prevent an emergency plumbing situation before it starts.

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