EXCELLENT SERVICE! I joined just so I could write a review. A few weeks ago my tenants told me they had a NEW but non urgent kitchen faucet leak as well as reminded me about a previous bathtub faucet leak/drip (long standing). So solely on the word of mouth of my sister, I arranged for a quote & repair with a company “A”. When the “A” tech/plumber arrived to my home several days later – I KID YOU NOT – I was quoted $1000+TAX (incl parts & labour) FOR REPLACEMENT OF THE LEAKY KITCHEN FAUCET as well as another $1000+TAX to replace the BATHTUB FAUCET! Yes – $2000 PLUS TAX to replace 2 faucets. I literally DIED on the spot. Simply unbelievable. When I asked why the price was so high the “A” tech/plumber explained seeing as it’s an old condo unit my factory original Delta kitchen faucet was hardwired directly into the condo’s water supply line THUS they would have to “cut” the lines and put a new valve adapter etc… but at least I’d be getting a SPANKING NEW fancy faucet with sprayer. I was also informed that my Mixet bathtub faucet was SO old, parts could not be found to repair it so it’d have to be replaced – and this would mean cutting tile, labor intensive work. After paying the diagnostic fee I felt despaired, immediately came off the phone and went onto Homestars.com – and found my ALL NEW FAV contractor with RAVE reviews – Vlad of Mr Plumber. He answered on my FIRST phone call. I described told to him IN DETAIL the problems as above, and he said he could come the next. The next morning, he in fact sent his tech Igor who then replaced 1 of the 2 faucets (the kitchen faucet) for ONLY $180 + tax (using not 1 but 2 valve adapters) AND quoted me only $450 to fix the bathtub faucet (parts & labor included!!). Literally – 1/5th and 1/2 of the prices I had been quoted JUST a DAY BEFORE me. You can imagined how relieved I was (but shocked at the disparity in pricing :S) SO FOR THE SAVINGS AND HONESTY I received, I am SO HAPPY to have found Mr Plumber and will use them AGAIN AND AGAIN. I will go tell it on the mountain. His company did great work and charged FAIR & REASONABLE prices.

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