Our valve that supplie our water to the outside of our house has always given us problems. Every year our copper pipe outside would burst and need repair and the shut off under the sink inside the house always leaked when turned on.
This year as no different. I had two big holes in the copper pipe outside.

I got on home stars right away and found Mister Plumber which had great reviews.

I called and Vlad said he could be there within a few hours. He showed up on time and assed the job and gave us our quote which was reasonable. He removed the old pipe and replaced both indoor and outdoor valve. He was knowledgeable and explained how to bleed the cables of water for winter prep which I had never known to do. He even came in and looked at our leaky kitchen faucet and gave a quote on cost for this job.

He was so great I would definitely recomen Vlad to anyone needing plumbing services.

He finished in under an hour and was super professional.

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