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and Waterproofing Services

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City of MississaugaMister Plumber is one of the Mississauga trusted full-service plumbing company. Our team of highly trained professionals handle everything from emergency plumbing / 24 hour plumbing requests to drain repair, basement sewage backup, bathroom and kitchen plumbing and the installation of full plumbing systems in both new and older homes and much more.

At Mister Plumber we believe in respect for the environment, respect for our customers and the team we work with.

Listed below is a quick summary of the types of plumbing jobs we frequently assist with:

    • Mississauga plumbing_servicesInstalling sump pumps in basements
    • Fixing leaky basements, wet basements
    • Fixing sewage backups in basements
    • Fixing clogged main drains, basement drains
    • 24 hour plumbing services, emergency plumbing services
    • Unclogging kitchen sinks or shower drains
    • Drain snaking, snaking a drain
    • Bathtub plumbing and bathroom vanity plumbing
    • Installing kitchen sink plumbing, plumbing kitchen sink drain
    • Full new home plumbing system installation
    • Full replacement of older home plumbing systems with updated plumbing

Drain Services in Mississauga

Whether your challenge is with a sewer backup in the basement, fixing a wet basement in Mississauga, back-flow valve installation, or you need to unclog a drain or fix a leaking drain pipe or any other drain related challenge, Mister Plumber has you covered.

    • Mississauga-Backwater_valve_installationSewer pipe cleaning, sewer clean-out, sewer blockage services
    • Locating drains
    • Camera inspections, pipe camera inspection, sewer camera inspection
    • Sewer backup clearance
    • Trenchless pipe replacement
    • Wet basements, fixing leaky basements
    • Back water valve installations
    • Clogged sinks, toilets, baths

Mister Plumber in Mississauga offers all types of drain & plumbing services, such as replacing and repairing drains (drain services); repairing and installing faucets, toilets, bath tubs (plumbing services); water proofing leaky basements (waterproofing services); and installing and repairing water service.
You will receive quality service from our licensed and experienced Mississauga, Brampton plumbers. Also, our staff take great care to protect your exterior and interior. And we always thoroughly clean up after ourselves.

You don’t realise how much you rely on your plumbing system until it lets you down. It’s never a convenient time for a plumbing problem to arise so if you find yourself in need of an emergency plumbing contractor call our local Mississauga plumbers. Whatever the problem we’re here when you need us.

We provide a detailed estimate of the scope of the work and the exact cost of the job, and we present that to you before any work is started. No surprises or hidden fees from us. We want you to weigh your options before making a decision.

Backwater Valve Rebate Program for Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon

Experts predict intense rain storms will become more common in Ontario. Homeowners may be able to reduce the impact of increased rainfall and some types of basement flooding by installing a sanitary backwater valve on your sanitary sewer system.

The Region of Peel is now offering a sanitary backwater valve rebate of $700 dollars for eligible homeowners.

Backwater valves can be an effective way to stop wastewater from backing up into your basement. Installing these valves may not be appropriate for all homes, they must be installed properly and do need ongoing maintenance.

Before installing a sanitary backwater valve, the Region recommends you use the guidelines below to make the correct decision for your home. To properly determine if a sanitary backwater valve is right for your home may require a significant amount of your time.