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Every Mississauga homeowner’s worst nightmare is an out-of-control plumbing accident. When your home’s plumbing stops working, you need it fixed quickly and correctly so the problem doesn’t come back – especially with unforeseen expenses that can add up quickly.

For Mississaugans looking for a professional plumber, there are four main options:

  1. Call an unqualified friend or family member to fix the issue themselves, potentially making it worse in the process,
  2. Fix the issue yourself, most likely resulting in a less-than-desirable outcome and wasting your time and money,
  3. Call an unlicensed plumber with no guarantee that they’ll do quality work for a fair price, or
  4. Call Mister Plumber: We’re professional Mississauga plumbers dedicated to providing fast and effective results at an affordable price.

When you call on Mister Plumber to fix your Mississauga home’s plumbing, we’ll respond immediately and offer a quote before the work begins. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying and why, having the peace of mind that your home’s plumbing system is in capable hands.

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Mississauga’s go-to plumbers tackle any plumbing issue for your home.

When you choose Mister Plumber, you choose a highly-trained and experienced team of professional plumbers thoroughly vetted for competence and quality customer service.

Each member of our team is master-licensed, bonded, and insured. Rest assured, all you need to do is sit back and relax while our plumbers handle:

Complete basement plumbing inspection and repairs

Your Mississauga home’s basement is often the hub for most of your internal plumbing systems. That means it needs special care like:

  • Installing sump pumps in basements
  • Fixing leaky basements, wet basements
  • Fixing sewage backups in basements
  • Fixing clogged main drains, basement drains

Kitchen & bathroom installations and repairs

We think it’s safe to say your kitchen and bathroom are some of the most important rooms in your household. So take comfort knowing that our emergency plumbers in Mississauga are a phone call away 24/7. Ready to help you with:

  • Unclogging kitchen sinks or shower drains
  • Bathtub and bathroom vanity plumbing
  • Installing/repairing kitchen sinks and pipes

Maintaining your home’s drainage system

Mississauga plumbing servicesGot a drain-related problem? It might be time to give your sewer drains a professional exam. Our plumbers will diagnose any issues with your home’s drainage and fix them up fast through:

  • Locating all your drains
  • Camera inspections for sewer pipes and drains
  • Sewer backup clearance
  • Drain snaking
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Backwater valve installations
  • Trenchless pipe replacements

24/7 emergency plumbing services for Mississaugans on-demand.

When emergency plumbing accidents happen, sometimes you can’t afford to wait until the next day. How can you sleep peacefully knowing your pipes are leaking? How can you go to the washroom with a clogged toilet?

We understand that. That’s why our versatile plumbers can come into your Mississauga home on the same day (following all COVID-19 protocols), make emergency repairs, and develop an action plan for your home’s plumbing issue.

Don’t just repair plumbing issues, prepare to AVOID them with Mister Plumber.

Mississauga Backwater valve installation

Accidents happen, yes. And when they do, we’re there at your beck and call. But did you know that as a Mississauga homeowner, you can take plumbing precautions to mitigate your plumbing accident risk?

That’s right. With services like waterproofing, water services upgrades, automatic water shut-off systems, and of course meticulous repairs and inspections, we ensure that your Mississauga home is as accident-proof as possible with no leaks or bursts so you can save thousands of dollars on costly unseen repairs.

Schedule plumbing appointments that work for you & get a customized action plan

Because we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to plumbing, you get the freedom to determine your own budget and schedule. We’ll work with you every step of the way through:

  1. Setting up a phone consultation for your initial needs assessment
  2. Sending a plumber to inspect the situation in real-life
  3. Creating a personalized, detailed action plan that states what we’ll do, the required tools and equipment, and how much you’ll pay when the work is complete
  4. Determining a time frame that works around your day for in-person visits
  5. Regularly scheduled maintenance programs in Mississauga

To ensure your plumbing systems stay on top of their game, Mister Plumber offers regular maintenance programs. At your Mississauga home, our licensed plumbers make sure that:

  • Your sewer lines are clear and free-flowing without any debris
  • Your drains are clean throughout the year with regular visits
  • You have fully functional sump pumps, sewage ejectors, backwater valves, drain cleaners, and water meters
  • You get on-demand 24/7 services for accidents, emergencies, or routine maintenance work.
  • And of course, all our Mississauga plumbing work is covered by our guarantee!

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