Modern toilet installed by Mister Plumber

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Are you experiencing issues with your toilet? Whether you need a repair or a replacement, Mister Plumber in Mississauga is here to provide reliable and professional plumbing services. Our skilled technicians understand the importance of prompt and efficient solutions for common toilet problems faced by homeowners.

Modern Toilet Features:

Toilets have evolved with modern features like a comfortable height, elongated bowl shape, dual flush system, antibacterial surface, and more. However, with increased complexity, regular wear and tear occur. Mister Plumber offers expert assistance when parts wear out, the bowl gets clogged, or water runs continuously from the tank.

Modern toilet installed by Mister Plumber

Common Toilet Issues We Address:

1. Clogged toilet
2. Faulty rubber flapper
3. Broken fill valve
4. Slow flushing
5. Bowl overflowing
6. Ghost flushing
7. Hissing noise
8. Broken handle
9. Toilet backup
10. Leaky supply line
11. Gasket replacement
12. Leak from tank
13. Wobbling toilet
14. Cracked tank or bowl
15. Broken seat
16. Toilet valve malfunction

Our Repair Process:

From clogged toilets to faulty mechanisms, our experienced plumbers use the right tools and parts for repairs. Some issues may require new parts, and our technicians carry universal adjustable fittings for quick fixes. For more complex problems, our team ensures a thorough resolution.

Sophisticated modern toilet flushing mechanism

Toilet Replacement Guidance:

If a replacement is necessary, we can supply basic brands or guide you in choosing a preferred brand. Our advice includes avoiding unknown brands for accessibility of replacement parts and considering factors like flush performance and coatings that keep the toilet clean. Mister Plumber provides professional installations with new gaskets, bolts, and flexible supply lines for longevity.

Toilet Repair and Replacement Services in Mississauga


Why Choose Mister Plumber:

– Local plumber in Mississauga
– Licensed and insured
– Over 20 years of experience
– Prompt service
– Equipped with the right tools and parts
– Fair prices
– 200+ positive reviews on Google
– Honest and reliable

Don’t wait for water damage; fix your toilet today! Contact Mister Plumber at 416-939-1530 or submit a request form for prompt toilet repair or replacement. Our skilled plumbers are available every day in Mississauga to deliver top-notch plumbing and drain services.