Plumbing as we all know is very crucial to have working properly in our Toronto homes. There can be many difficulties that arise when plumbing is done improperly. If you have a broken sink or a leaking pipe this could add up to high energy bills and damage from water that may lead to mold.  You may miss work, miss out on sleep, or you may have to wait for your contractor to show up when it doesn’t fit your schedule. In such situations, your condition is nothing close to being good.

When searching for a plumber in Toronto, there are certain questions that need to be asked of the contractor. Here are some questions:

Be sure to ask for the contractors license. Having the proper license will be the most important question you ask of him. Being licensed properly ensures that he will be following the guidelines that are set by the industry. A licensed company means it follows the industry guidelines while servicing its customers. If a company has improper licenses it may set you up for more issues down the road like a poorly done job or warranty issues. Save yourself any worries and ask to see the license.

Ask for years of experience, if he has a license and has been in business for a short time check how long he has been in the industry, if he has been with other companies for a period of time he more than likely has enough experience. Ask him if he has employees and find out how many years combined service they have as well. This saves you the hassle from losing more time on your problem. Experienced professionals ensure that they will be able to provide you with a high quality job in a timely manner.

Is he WSIB certified? Be sure to ask for a certification number and you can go as far as seeing the document. If any employees are not covered under WSIB and there is an accident, the worker could sue the home owner and the onus is on the client to pay any damages.

Now ask him about his warranty and how it works. If they are vague and tell you it’s covered for a period of time like one year or even two years, make out your own warranty within reason for him to add to his warranty. You don’t want to have to pay any maintenance fees for a shabby job so make sure he guarantees his work in writing.

There are so many considerations you need to make in order to select the right contractor for the job. So when looking for Toronto plumbers, home owners and business owners will find these tips to be helpful. Make sure that you get a contractor that will do the best job at a good price. A contractor that quotes rock bottom prices may cost you more in the long run.

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