My wife and I just purchased our first home and we’re doing a small remodel to the kitchen. We’re moving the sink from its current position about five feet to a new counter that’s being built perpendicular to the sink’s existing location. Adjacent to the sink we plan to put a dishwasher.

I need to get an estimate of what it would take and an approximate price to move the water and drain lines. In the basement directly below the kitchen is the furnace and the ceiling isn’t sheet-rocked, you can see the floor joists. That said, the duct work runs directly through this area so access to the plumbing lines might be restricted.

I’ve been told that I need to have the lines moved from the top, meaning that the kitchen floor needs to be removed. This is fine, we’re having the kitchen retiled anyway.

If someone can get back to me I would sincerely appreciate it, thank you very much. I’m always available. If you have a moment and we can speak either this weekend or first thing Monday I would be most appreciative, thank you very much. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Toronto, ON

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