plumbing systemThe familiar sound of a noisy pipe will often feel like a small issue at first. But as time goes by, these small pipes can often make life a living hell for homes and business.

Whether you’re trying to get a decent night’s sleep, or conduct an important meeting in the boardroom, silence is golden. But whereas music or the television can be turned down, the painful ‘ticking’ sound of a noisy heating pipe has no mute button.

Soundproofing these pipes is a simple and easy way of waving goodbye to this common yet incredibly frustrating problem. With a little DIY and positive can-do attitude, you should be able to complete this task with relative ease!

So why do they make noise?

Most of us can recognise the sound of creaking pipes all too well. But far from being a mysterious issue that we simply have to put up with, noisy heating pipes are an easy to solve issue.

As pipes either heat up or cool down, the size will fluctuate. When they warm up, pipes expand, and when they cool down, they contract. But as they expand and contract, they continue to cause friction with the joints they’re attached to. This is the generally the root cause for the classic noisy pipe.

How do I soundproof noisy pipes?

An under-floor solution can provide a property with an effective means of banishing noisy heating pipes.

Begin by lifting up the floorboards in the offending room and obtaining some specialist insulation. By wrapping this insulation around the pipes, you’re essentially getting rid of the friction caused through expansion and contraction.

Specialist foam insulation offers increased acoustic properties, helping to block the transmission of noise and ensuring you have a long-term solution to heating pipe noise.

For a complete insulation solution, you may also want to consider filling up the cavities between pipes.

What if I can’t get under the floorboards?

If you don’t have the time, budget or will-power to get under the floor of your problem room, there are still ways of soundproofing your room,

Soundproof underlays can be laid on top of floorboards – and even walls – to offer a more time-effective method of suppressing noisy heating pipes.

Available in a range of different cuts and styles, specialist underlays are available for use with carpet, floorboards and even tiles.

Although creaking heating pipes can drive people to distraction, soundproofing is a simple, low-cost and hugely effective method of banishing this annoying noise. Don’t let these pipes frustrate you any more – start soundproofing today!

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