We decided to use the services of Mister Plumber to upgrade our main lead/galvanized pipe, after receiving quotes from a few other contractors. This resulted mainly due to the installation of the new water meter into our home, and in so doing, would provide better quality water and service. Vlad came by to view the outside work area, the main pipe in our basement, and explained in detail what was needed to be done. He was very detailed, patient and reassuring in answering our questions. On the scheduled day of the job, Alex and Vassel arrived early and began work. They worked consistently all day – digging, installing the pipe, covering the areas and cleaning up with no real interruptions and/or inconveniences to pedestrians, neighbours, or to us. It was obvious that they were experienced and knew what they were doing. Again, at our request, Vlad came by to complete a few other plumbing related jobs (i.e. fixing an annoying leaking old pipe, another pipe line, and the toilet flap).

We were pleased with all the quality plumbing work completed by Vlad and his team.

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