Our Thanksgiving supper left us with sewage backup in basement crawl space-YAK! First, we called the City to make sure that the problem did not originate from City drains, but that proved unfruitful since we could not take-off the clean-out cap probably stuck there for 50 years. So after reviewing this Website we decided to contact Mister Plumber. These guys are responsible, pleasant and they deliver “satisfaction” not a easy task because we encountered several obstacles including: -collapsed drain pipe on City side, unusually deep drain pipes (34 in down) and weeping tiles above the drainage system that led to infiltration of ground water into the backwater valve pit. This meant that stagnant water was lurking under the basement floor -and was simply unacceptable to us. Mister Plumber agreed to remove the fullport backwater valve they had installed initially and they installed the Adapt-A-Valve backwater valve instead…et voilà WATER GONE! Kudos for being patient also – I must have asked 1,000 questions…this was my 1st sewage backup ever, I needed to understand it all… I’m giving these guys a “9”- not a full “10” because it was obvious from the get-go that the water table would be a problem. The Adapt-A-Valve is much better suited to situations like ours and it seems to me that they should have known. But in the end the problem was resolved -NO HASSLE whatsoever. Thanks guys!

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