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Oakville Plumbers At-the-ready 24/7Plumbing emergency? Mister Plumber is Oakville’s go-to plumbing service with expert technicians at-the-ready with best-in-class tools to treat your plumbing accident(s) safely and securely.

We proudly serve thousands of Canadian homeowners for over 20 years now, passionately delivering the highest standards of customer service to every case we’ve handled. Get in touch today.

Foolproof your Oakville home’s plumbing system with full-service care

Mister Plumber provides Oakvillians with reliable residential plumbing services from highly-trained and experienced plumbers who understand quality customer service. Each specialist on our team is master-licensed, experienced and insured.

Rest assured, our Oakville plumbers are well-equipped to tackle any plumbing issue for your home. That includes:

Low Water Pressure Solutions

In Oakville, water pressure in homes depends on various factors, including the size of the supply pipe, type of main shut-off valve, size of the water meter, and distribution pipe. Mister Plumber specializes in diagnosing and addressing low water pressure issues, offering expert plumbing upgrades and modifications to optimize performance throughout households.

Low water pressure caused by old rusty galvanized pipe

Kitchen Sink Unclogging

Kitchen sink drain blockages can result from various factors such as lengthy distances to the main drain, inadequate slopes, multiple direction changes, ventilation issues, and the accumulation of cooking oils. Mister Plumber’s experienced Oakville plumbers utilize advanced equipment, including a high-pressure power washing machine, to efficiently unclog drains and ensure smooth water flow.

System 15 drain connection under kitchen sink

Sump Pump Repair and Replacement

Malfunctions in sump pumps, caused by issues like burnt motors, damaged switches, or clogged pipes, can lead to severe basement flooding. Mister Plumber provides prompt repair and replacement services to safeguard homes from water damage, offering battery backup pump options for added protection against underground water issues.

Sump and battery backup pump in Etobicoke basement

Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks from various sources such as pipes, faucets, valves, or fixtures can result from aging, tension, corrosion, misuse, or installation errors. Mister Plumber employs advanced techniques to accurately diagnose and repair leaks, ensuring lasting solutions to prevent further damage.

Repair of leaky stack in Toronto condo unit by Mister Plumber

Toilet Repair and Replacement

Mister Plumber offers comprehensive toilet repair and replacement services for residential properties in Oakville. From fixing leaks, clogs, and overflowing issues to replacing malfunctioning parts or installing new toilets, our skilled plumbers provide prompt and reliable solutions to restore functionality.

Toilet reinstallation and gasket replacement

Faucet Repair or Installation

Whether it’s fixing leaky faucets or installing new ones, Mister Plumber’s expert plumbers are equipped to handle faucet issues of all kinds. With a wide range of replacement parts for popular brands and expertise in faucet installation, we ensure efficient and long-lasting solutions for our Oakville clients.

Shower faucet replacement by licensed plumber in Toronto

Maintain a proper-functioning drainage system for your home

Got a drain-related problem? It may be time to have your sewer drains inspected. Hire an expert pair of eyes and hands to diagnose and repair any drainage problems in your home by:

  • Finding all your drains
  • Inspecting your sewer pipes and drains with cameras
  • Clearing sewer backup
  • Snaking drains
  • Hydro-jetting to flush drains
  • Installing backwater valves
  • Replacing trenchless pipes

Additionally, with Mister Plumber’s regular maintenance programs in Oakville, keep your plumbing system in good shape by making sure:

  • Your drainage system is free-flowing and debris-free
  • Your drains remain clean throughout the year (with regular check-ups)
  • The sump pumps, sewage ejectors, backwater valves, drain cleaners, and water meters are fully functional
  • Everything can be handled on-demand with accidents, emergencies, and routine maintenance
  • All our work in Oakville is covered by our guarantee!

Emergency plumbing? We’re open when you are.

Plumbing accidents aren’t waiting around for anybody. Neither should you.
Emergency plumbers in Scarborough
Mister Plumber offers emergency plumbing services scheduled around your day and budget. We are by your side every step of the way through:

  1. Setting up a phone consultation to determine your needs
  2. Sending a plumber to examine the situation on-site
  3. A detailed action plan stating what we will do, the necessary tools and equipment, and how much you will pay after the work is completed
  4. Choosing a time that works around your schedule for in-person meetings
  5. Regularly scheduled maintenance programs in Oakville

Are you taking preventative measures to avoid plumbing accidents?

Yes, accidents happen. And Mister Plumber is at your service when they do. But as a homeowner in Oakville, did you know that you can take some plumbing precautions to mitigate your risk of plumbing accidents?

That’s right. With services like waterproofing, water services upgrades, automatic water shut-off systems, and meticulous repairs and inspections, we guarantee your Oakville home will be leak-proof so you’ll save thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

Attention Oakville homeowners! Mister Plumber is your go-to for premium residential plumbing and drain services. With our skilled, licensed, and trustworthy plumbers, we handle everything from fixing leaks to upgrading sewers. Schedule an appointment with one of our top-rated professionals today by calling 416-939-1530. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at or fill out our convenient online form.