In the world of plumbing, a pipe is not a pipe is not a pipe. There are many different types of pipes, and the preferred and best type of pipe for various applications has changed throughout the years. For example, in the 1970’s, polybutylene became all the rage in certain parts of the country. Only later was it discovered that the pipes tended to suddenly burst for no reason. So mark that one off your list of preferred pipes. So what are some options you have with regard to water pipes for your Toronto home?

Cast iron is a material that has been used for many years to make pipes, usually for draining purposes. It is strong and heavy and has a long life. There is actually iron piping in places that has been in use for hundreds of years that still functions today.

PVC (short for “polyvinyl chloride”) is a popular, modern choice in piping material. PVC is a lightweight material that is extremely strong and avoids rusting. Due to these benefits, it has become the number one piping material in use today for plumbing applications. The interesting thing about PVC is its popularity outside the realm of plumbing, as it can be used to make anything from furniture to sprinkler systems.

Copper is a high quality material for water lines. It is strong and has a long life. However, aging copper pipes can develop pinhole leaks, which can cause water damage and mold contamination throughout the property. Copper may also be an expensive option.

Lead is a piping material that was highly popular for water transport for centuries. In fact, the word “plumbing” derives from the Latin word for “lead.” These days, it is common knowledge that lead in your pipes can cause serious health problems, so lead pipes should not be used.

If you have an older home, you should have your pipes inspected. You may have pipes that could burst at any time (such as the polybutylene pipes discussed above) or that are causing health problems for you and your family. There are companies today that specialize in pipe replacement with minimal impact on your daily life.

Certain types of pipes, such as lead or polybutylene, can be both harmful to your health and your wallet. If you have old pipes in your home or apartment, call Mister Plumber, the water pipe replacement experts, before it is too late.

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