You just looked at your most recent water bill and your jaw dropped at its absurdly high cost. What happened? Well, there is a good chance you have leaky pipes in your home that need fixing immediately. In fact, 10 drops per minute from a leaky showerhead can waste almost 3, 000 gallons. Now that we’re in the midst of the coldest time of the year, you need a Etobicoke plumber who can help you identify any pipe leaks in your home, or else it may be a long winter filled with plenty of plumbing-related headaches. Frozen and burst pipes are also much more common at this time of the year, so don’t hesitate to call for help!

But when exactly should you make the call to a professional service to get the job done?

That’s where Mister Plumber steps in!

We have a Etobicoke plumber who is ready to show you how to become a leak detection pro. The faster you can detect leaks, the faster you can make the call for service!

How Can You Detect Leaks in Your Home?

If you want to know how to detect leaks in your home, observe the following signs and make the call to a professional immediately:

– Wet Spots: You may be noticing more water damage around your home, particularly on your floors and walls. Failure to seek treatment from a Etobicoke plumber at Mister Plumber can lead to extensive water damage that can force you to spend plenty of time and money on repair service.
– Unusual Smells: Is there a musty smell in your home? Then it may be a sign of old water from pipe leaks building up under your floors and between walls. The bad smells can throw off your home’s otherwise relaxing atmosphere, and guests will certainly feel less inclined to come over to visit!
– Water Noises: Are you hearing the sound of running water even if none of your plumbing fixtures are currently in use? Then it is possible pipe leaks are currently in your home. You may be wasting gallons of water if this problem isn’t investigated soon.
– Increased Mold Growth: Wherever moisture goes, mold will follow. Pipe leaks will see an increased growth of mold and other bacteria that can be hazardous to breathe in. Exposure to mold can lead to long-term breathing and respiratory problems. If you notice mold in your home, call a professional immediately so you’re not putting the health of your family on the line!

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