A small leak in your Toronto home’s plumbing system can turn into a huge problem. Most of us think of leaks as a small drip under your kitchen or bathroom sink or maybe a few streaks of water streaming out of your shower or bath tub faucet.

But, the reality is that your home can get plumbing leaks anywhere in your pipe system. They can happen inside of your walls, in your floors, in the ceiling of your basement or crawl space, and yes, under your sinks and shower.

When your home springs a leak, here is what to do to minimize damage:

1. If It is a Burst Pipe

During the winter the extreme cold can cause your pipes to freeze and then break, called bursting. The water in the pipe freezes and then thaws, when the thawing process takes place, it releases air, causing a pressure build up inside the pipe.

If you have a burst pipe you should:

 Open all the faucets in your home so the air and pressure can escape. When your pipes thaw, you may hear a hissing sound before the water flows again.
 Turn off your main water supply
 Heat your home so that the pipes thaw. Do not use a blow torch to heat them or put a space heater near them. This can pose a huge fire risk and can damage your plumbing.

2. If your leak is near a faucet

 Turn your main water supply off
 Look for, or call in a plumber, to find the reason for the leak. It could be too much water pressure, a broken seal or ring, or a breakage. A plumber can help you find and fix the issue.

3. If the leak is from your toilet

There are multiple causes for a toilet leak. It is best to ask for help from your plumber because the fix can be simple or extremely complex.

4. If the leak is in your walls or floor

This is the toughest one to figure out because you may not see the problem at first. If you see water damage to the wall or floor, you should call in a Toronto professional to inspect.

Time is key in these situations. The faster your fix it, the less damage will occur. Do not wait because flooding and water damages can quickly get very expensive. The few dollars you pay a pro will be nothing compared to what it costs to repair your floors and walls.

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