With so many fixtures, valves, faucets etc. in a bathroom it’s a wonder there are not more problems than there already are. Bathroom repairs involve many different things such as clogged drains, leaky supply valves, shower door seals to cracked tile and ugly grout.

There are things you can do first with clogged drains, if it is the vanity sink drain, you can get to the “p” trap under the sink and it can be taken apart and inspected quite easily, If the trap is clear this is not your problem, leave it apart so you can snake it.

Now you probably don’t have one of those on hand yet, so if want to tackle this yourself, head out to the hardware store and buy a 6 to 8 foot length of drain cleaning cable. You do not need the hand turn units, mainly because they are big pain to use. You are going to put this in a power drill with much better results and a lot less physical exertion.

It does take 2 people to make it easier. One operates the drill and pushes in while the other guides the cable into the pipe in the wall. Put on some old gloves for this and run the cable in a little at a time while running the drill until all the way in, then back out. Go easy at first, but as you get further in you can increase the drill speed. Lots of times you will pull out a chunk of something which was probably your problem. You can do this with the toilet and tub/shower drain. If your tub/shower is slow draining this cleaning method can take care of that too.

I recommend this method of clearing drains as opposed to using liquid products, which is the easy way out, but usually the results are temporary at best. The liquid drain openers are quite toxic and can damage drain pipes with excessive use, especially if the plumbing is old. It has also been known to gel in the lines if not thoroughly flushed through and this is hard to determine even though the water is flowing (partially) again and you think you have a clean drain.

The 6 to 8 foot lengths are pretty much all that is necessary as most bathroom drains dump right into a larger 3 or 4 inch mainline, and if you still are getting plugged up, then it is time to call a Expert Plumber in Toronto, ON or rooter service to clean the main lines with a larger machine. We once pulled 2 wash rags out of the mainline about 40 feet in, no more problems there and liquid cleaner never would have done it.

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