Having clogs in your Toronto sink is nothing new, especially since sinks are used on such a regular basis. It’s possible that a person may wash their hands or use the bathroom sink up to 10 times a day or more, depending on everything they do at the sink. Even a kitchen sink can get a lot of use, and this means clogs may eventually happen.

Kitchen sinks can even be more of a problem because of the fact that a lot of them have a garbage disposal unit, which can help to clog the sink over time. Those with a bathroom sink may see clogs due to toothpaste use, soap use, body oils, hair and more.

A kitchen sink can easily clog because of the food that goes into it, especially since many choose to pour used cooking oil down the sink, and the oil may eventually harden around the walls of the drain, causing a clog. Whatever the reason is for a clog in the sink, there are ways to get rid of it.

Techniques That A Plumber Would Recommend

There are some good ways to get rid of a clog, and a plumber would recommend certain techniques to those who want a clog free sink.

One thing that is recommended is to fill a sink partway with water and to cover the drain with a plunger, and start plunging the opening of the sink. Eventually, any clog that’s in the drain should come up, but if it doesn’t, then try the next step.

There should be a P-trap, which is a pipe that’s shaped like a U, and if this is unscrewed, then it should contain all types of foods, hair, grease and more, and this should be cleaned out.

If the sink is still clogged, then a snake might do the trick. A snake can only go down so far, so it’s unlikely that a snake will work if cleaning the P-trap hasn’t gotten rid of the clog.

It may be necessary to use chemicals, but please know that chemicals can be damaging to pipes, so instead of taking advice from a plumber, it may be best to get a plumber out to your Toronto home.

Toronto Plumber May Need To Do It

Everyone wants to do plumbing work themselves to save money, especially when it comes to unclogging the drain, but it may be necessary to get the plumber to do the work themselves to make sure it’s done properly.

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